Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How tun Unlock Belle and the Beast

With the Enchanted Adventure update, Belle and the Beast have been introduced as new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will help you unlock Belle and the Beast, complete the ‘Into the West Wing!’ and ‘A Prince in Disguise’ quests, and recruit them to your valley.

Unlocking Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Belle, follow these steps:

  • Open the Beauty and the Beast Realm: Head to the Dream Castle and spend 12,500 Dreamlight to unlock the Beauty and the Beast realm. You’ll find the door on the second floor, below the golden Mickey statue.
  • Complete ‘Into the West Wing!’ Quest: After unlocking the realm, the quest ‘Into the West Wing!’ begins. You must complete this quest and the subsequent ‘A Prince in Disguise’ quest to unlock Belle and the Beast.

Finding the Secret Passageway

Once you meet Belle, she’ll ask for your help in collecting flying books causing chaos. Collect all five outlined in gold. Next, Belle will mention that the Beast locked himself in the West Wing. To access it, you need to find a secret passage in the library:

  • Fix the Broken Ladder: Gather ladder pieces from various locations:
    • Two on tables (left and right of the doorway)
    • One left of a book stack behind the green couch
    • One in front of the bottom left window next to a log stack
    • Two pieces next to the Mrs. Potts tea tray

  • Interact with the Broken Ladder: Head to the bottom right corner of the room and interact with the broken ladder. It will reveal the secret passage.

Making the Candlestick Disguise

To progress the quest and speak to the Beast, you’ll need to dress as a staff member. Collect the following materials for Belle:

  • Castle Candles (1, 2, 3, and 4): Found in various locations within the realm.
  • Castle Candle Holder: Located near the main West Wing door.
  • Golden Curtain: Found on a table in the library, to the left of the globe, next to the gramophone.

Give these materials to Belle, and she will create a Candlestick Disguise for you to speak to the Beast.

Crafting the Enchanted Canvas

After speaking to the Beast, you’ll learn that he was upset when Belle saw his old portrait as a human. To help, you must create an Enchanted Canvas of the Beast as he is now. Gather the following materials:

  • Softwood (x12)
  • Fiber (x8)
  • White Daisies (x3)
  • Garnet (x2)
  • Dream Shard (x4)

Use these materials to craft the Enchanted Canvas at a crafting station and return it to Belle.

Finding Key Pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Lumiere’s Clues

To recruit both Belle and the Beast, complete the ‘A Prince in Disguise’ quest by finding Key Pieces hidden by Lumiere. Follow Lumiere’s riddles to locate the pieces:

  • Hidden in a hot spot: Within the fireplace in the library. To get the Key Piece, use your watering can on the fire.
  • Hidden in a place where silence roars: The Key Piece is located within the left lion statue outside of the West Wing main doors. Break the statue with your pickaxe to retrieve it.

  • Hidden in a thorny place: In the center of the maze in the garden, underneath the streetlamp and beside the rose bushes. Retrieve the Key Piece by digging up the glowing spot with your shovel.

Once you have all three Key Pieces, return to the Beast and open the chest inside the West Wing to retrieve the Enchanted Mirror.

Making a Book Kit for Belle

After obtaining the Enchanted Mirror, craft a Book Kit for Belle using the following recipe:

  • Fiber (x20)
  • Purple Falling Penstemon (x3)
  • Empty Vial (x1)
  • Feather (Ask Scrooge McDuck)

Bring the Book Kit to Belle to complete this step of the quest.

Gathering Beast’s Grooming Items

To prepare the Beast for his apology to Belle, find the following grooming items within the West Wing:

  • Beast’s Brush: In the glowing storage chest, behind the main door into the West Wing (next to the harp).
  • Princely Cologne: On the side table underneath the Enchanted Canvas of the Beast and Belle.
  • Princely Shampoo: On the side table next to the bathtub.

Once the Beast is ready, listen to his apology, and then place the Beast’s castle in Dreamlight Valley for 20,000 Star Coins to welcome Belle and the Beast to your magical valley.

Now you’re ready to unlock Belle and the Beast, explore their stories, and create magical memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Enjoy your enchanting adventure!