Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Tour of Character Houses

In this guide, we will showcase all of the character houses available in Dreamlight Valley, giving you a glimpse of the diverse and enchanting dwellings that you can place throughout the game’s biomes.

Here’s a list of all the character houses currently featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf’s House

Ariel’s House

Belle and Beast’s House

Buzz’s House

Donald’s House

Elsa’s House

Fairy Godmother’s House

Goofy’s House

Maui’s House

Merlin’s House

Mickey’s House

Minnie’s House

Mirabel’s House

Moana’s House

Mother Gothel’s House

Prince Eric’s House

Remy’s House

Scar’s House

Simba and Nala’s House

Stitch’s House

Ursula’s House

Vanellope’s House

WALL-E’s House

Woody’s House

These are all the character houses you can discover and place in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each house is unique, capturing the essence of the character it represents. Whether you prefer a neighborhood filled with Disney’s iconic characters or scattered residences across the valley, the choice is yours. Immerse yourself in the magic of Dreamlight Valley as you unlock new friends and create a vibrant world filled with enchantment and adventure.