Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where to Find Castle Candle, Holder, and Golden Curtain

In this guide, we’ll help you find the elusive Castle Candle, Candle Holder, and Golden Curtain, essential items for progressing through the “Into the West Wing” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Here’s where you can find them.

Castle Candle Locations

You’ll need to locate four Castle Candles to progress through the “Into the West Wing” quest. Here are their locations:

  • Main Entrance: As you enter the Beauty and the Beast realm, take a right to find a Castle Candle on a table in front of the piano.
  • Garden: Inside the garden, on your right, you’ll spot a table with various tools like a shovel. There’s another Castle Candle on this table.
  • Hall of Lion Statues: In the hall where lion statues are displayed, you’ll find another Castle Candle.
  • Library: Inside the library, where you initially find Belle, there’s a Castle Candle on one of the tables.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Golden Curtain

Golden Curtain Location

Once you’ve gathered the Castle Candles, it’s time to find the Golden Curtain. It’s hidden in the library, where you first encountered Belle. Head to the library and look for a table with a gramophone, an ink pot, and a pile of books. The Golden Curtain is rolled up on this table, sparkling and ready to be collected.

Castle Candle Holder Location

The last item you need to find is the Castle Candle Holder. Head outside the Beast’s room, where you’ll discover a large door on your right. Just opposite the lion statue outside, you’ll see the Castle Candle Holder resting on a chair.

With the Castle Candle, Candle Holder, and Golden Curtain in your possession, you can now progress through the “Into the West Wing” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These items are essential to assisting Belle in creating a disguise, allowing you to meet the Beast and continue your enchanting adventure in the valley. Enjoy your journey and make the most of the Enchanted Adventure update!