Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Guide – How to recruit all 9 Rambler’s Reach Outpost settlers

Ramblers Reach Outpost settlers

There are a total of 9 settlers that can be recruited in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Here’s how to go about it.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Guide – How to recruit all 9 Rambler’s Reach Outpost settlers

Toa: Talk to Toa at the small camp to recruit her. You can’t miss it as you walk past Bilemaw’s Den. Toa is fascinated by ancient artifacts and will assist you in locating Jedi Chambers.

Skoova: Skoova can be found near the water at Foothill Falls. To get there, exit the outpost via the back-left path and take the zipline. Skoova is the smallest member of the flying fishing skiff. Enlist Skoova to gain access to Fish Collectibles and aquarium management.

Bhima & Tulli: From the Meditation Spot in the Boiling Bluffs region, look for a high ledge to your left. To reach the upper ledge, use a Nekko Super Jump. Jump across the spire platform to confront a powerful Mogu enemy who is threatening some locals. Recruiting this duo grants access to Holotactics in Pyloon’s Saloon.

Garra: From the databank entry, proceed along the vines until you reach an NPC resting on a chest. alk to the Rodian and use Mind Trick (Unreliable) to persuade them to leave.

Ashe & DD-EC: This duo can be found in the heart of Harvest Ridge, a region Cal can access with the Neko mount. It is situated near a small pond. Unlocks the music stage in Pyloon’s Saloon and allows you to select which music set is being played.

Pili: This alien gardener cannot be missed. You’ll climb a stone pillar after exiting the optional dungeon Crypt of Uhrma. An alien has taken up residence in a lovely garden. If you speak to them, they will return to Pyloon’s Saloon’s garden. Increases the number of gardens and gardening upgrades available in Pyloon’s Saloon.

Jawas: Return to the Bygone Settlement, the region we passed through after unlocking Nekko Mounts. Climb to the high walkways from the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point. Arrive at the location where a strong wind prevents you from reaching a climbable wall. To proceed, use Force Dash. When you reach the end of this path, you’ll encounter the Jawa Sandwalker. Defeat the Bedlam Raiders to rescue the Jawas.

T-1N8: Return to Skoova’s location and search for an old abandoned structure in the distance. You’ll be able to glide across the canyon once you’ve gained the Force Tame ability. Remove the metal panel to enter the building’s cellar. To recruit the robot, speak with it in the underground chamber.

Wini: While exploring the swamplands of Koboh, you’ll come across Wini in a homestead hut near the beginning. Return after you’ve unlocked the Force Lift ability, which will allow you to lift the nearby rock pillars out of the muck and fulfill her request. You must also be able to control flying drones. The pillar can be reached by exiting the elevator halfway up. After retrieving her item, she’ll join you in Rambler’s Reach.

That brings us to the end of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide on how to find and recruit all 9 Rambler’s Reach Outpost settlers.