For Review: List of Prominent Attractions at Soon-to-Open Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, WDW

Ten days. There’s only ten days left before the latest iteration of Toy Story Land opens in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Staffers on site are already aware that there will be a sea of people waiting to come in when the new park extension opens June 30.

They may have been already mention in lists of the past, but let’s review what to expect in Toy Story Land of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in terms of rides, dining accommodations and other attractions in store. With the whole area themed as a play city put together by Andy in the yard (with guests as toy-sized visitors), it’s going to be a fun experience that brings up nice childhood memories.

  1. Slinky Dog Dash – the main ride attraction for Toy Story Land, a Slinky the dog becomes a roller coaster extravaganza
  2. Alien Swirling Saucers – why play old-school bumper cars when you can go for bumper UFOs?
  3. Toy Story Mania – the main Toy Story attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios before Toy Story Land appeared, the ride’s now integrated to the new area
  4. Woody’s Lunch Box – Andy’s imagination enabled him to turn his old Woody-themed lunch box into a fast-food, where “honorary toys” (you, the guests) can go for some classic American diner orders and Toy Story-themed specialties
  5. Character Encounters – thus far, you’re confirmed to see Toy Story’s very own “Golden Trio” of Woody, Buzz and Jessie around
  6. Green Army Men Drum Corps – no matter how much time passes, Sarge and his Army Men will hold to their duty; their current mission is to patrol Toy Story Land, entertain guests with fun mini-games, and run Army Man boot camp for aspiring toy soldiers

Only two Saturdays from now, and all these things will come open at last for every honorary toy to enjoy.

List of “Neighborhood” Sub-Areas in Soon-to-Open Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

When Disney California Adventure opened in Disneyland in 2001, its centermost area is Paradise Pier, a waterside theme section of the theme park designed to look like a Disney-fied Victorian boardwalk. Towards the end of last year, they began work to re-theme Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier; no points in guessing what the motif of the revamped area will be.

The new Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure will open this Saturday, June 23, with access to the area before that time restricted to invited guests and only on certain celebratory events before the big day. But we have info on the four Pixar-themed sub-areas (dubbed “neighborhoods”) that Pixar Pier will have. Here’s a list of them and their features.

  1. The Incredibles – based on Disney-Pixar’s popular superhero family; includes the re-theme of the former California Screamin’ roller coaster, now the “Incredicoaster”
  2. Toy Story – Pixar Pier’s own unique take of the larger Toy Story Land areas found in other Disney theme parks (Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and soon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World); featured attractions include Jessie’s Critter Carousel and Señor Buzz Churros stand
  3. Inside Out – based on the most adorable inside study of human emotions and personality ever; featured attractions include the “Angry Dogs” fast-food, themed after Anger
  4. Other Pixar films – includes the Mickey’s Fun Wheel Ferris wheel, retaining Mickey Mouse’s face but having its 24 gondolas now redesigned after various Disney-Pixar characters

The opening of Disney California Adventures’ new Pixar Pier area comes just ahead of the opening of Toy Story Land Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, due June 30.

List of Marvel Events and Specials at Disneyland Paris’ “Summer of Superheroes” 2018

It’s shaping up to be a great summer if you’re a Marvel fan in France. That’s because Disneyland Paris has for its 2018 summer-wide event perhaps the greatest concentration of Marvel-themed spectacles in any Disney park right now, with attractions and special merchandise aplenty. We’ll list and explain them all.

Note that all these Marvel specials are happening at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios Park component, so you know where.

  1. Marvel: Super Heroes United – a live indoor stunt show taking cues from the overall myth arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; rather than finger-snap them to oblivion, Thanos mind-controls the Avengers and other heroes to fight one another; it’s up to Spider-Man and Black Widow, who both escaped Thanos’ trap, to keep Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, etc. from killing one another; then it’s on to kick Thanos butt; catch this at Studio Theater
  2. Stark Expo Presents: Energy for Tomorrow – another stunt spectacular, this time outdoors in front of the Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka Twilight Zone Tower of Terror); the event, ostensibly an arc reactor tech demo by Tony Stark, gets hijacked by Loki, with – again – Black Widow and Spider-Man taking center stage to take him down
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off with Star-Lord and Gamora – yet another outdoor event; Walt Disney Studios Park guests are invited to join in with Quill and Gamora as they throw a dance party to the tune of some familiar music tracks from disco 70s to techno 80s and everywhere in between; the “dance energy” from all willing participants is needed to save the galaxy
  4. Marvel Eat and Greet – Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York gives their restaurant the Marvel makeover; diners are treated to an appropriately-themed three-course buffet plus get a chance for selfies and groufies with “resident” heroes Cap, Thor…and Black Widow (that’s a hat trick there)
  5. Marvel-themed park snacks and merchandise – various eating places in Walt Disney Studios Park now offer at least one or many more Marvel-themed menu items; sit down and take a break snacking on Iron Man cake pops, Groot shortbread and Avengers-brand shawarma, plus many more

Need time to make your travel plans for Disneyland Paris? Take your time indeed, because these events and specials are at home there until September 30. Consider it a tease for a more permanent Marvel expansion area for the park set to open in 2021.

Current List of Episodes for Disney Web Series “As Told by Emoji” (Season 5)

And at long last, we’ve come to the last and latest part of the still ongoing Disney web series As Told by Emoji. Said series is now on its fifth season of online episodes on Disney’s Youtube channel, and that only started three months ago.

In fact, the most recent episode of As Told by Emoji is its third one which was put up four days ago as of this writing! It’s a rather short list to be true, but we’ll do it all the same. Without any further delay, here they are (for now).

  • Coco
  • A Day at Toy Story Land – not based on a film or any existing media, but rather an Emoji-fied experience of you and your family spending a day at Disney World; in fact, it’s a sequel with the family exploring Toy Story Land, soon to open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at WDW this June 30; sponsored by Pop Secret
  • The Incredibles

Speaking of Disney web series, there’s been a single-episode addition to Star Wars: Forces of Destiny from late last month. It coincided with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and features a character from there.

  • Triplecross” – Qi’ra, before the events of Solo, managing to escape from a team-up of Hondo and IG-88 by causing them to betray each other

List of Areas in Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World

According to “Disney legend”, back in the late 1980s a really strong Atlantic hurricane struck Florida near the area of Lake Buena Vista, littering what was once a secluded tropical sea cove with lots of storm debris. Prominently, a shrimping boat named Miss Tilly was sent airborne by the winds and set down, impaled on the peak of Mount Mayday.

To this day it remains there, while the devastated surroundings were used as a resort all the same. And that’s the fanciful account of the origins of the Typhoon Lagoon water park, opened in June 1989 at Walt Disney World.

Now we have here a list of Typhoon Lagoon’s own themed areas, much like its nearby theme park cousins within the larger Disney World complex.

  1. Mount Mayday – Typhoon Lagoon’s equivalent to the Disney Castle’s or Tokyo DisneySea’s Mount Prometheus; serves as water-slide launcher and cover for the resort’s major pipelines; Miss Tilly at the top shoots a geyser of water at regular intervals
  2. Typhoon Lagoon – the largest and primary resort area with sandy beaches next to the titular (artificial) lagoon
  3. Hideaway Bay – secondary sandy-beach swimming area that’s home to the Crush n Gusher water coaster
  4. Castaway Creek – a “lazy river” encircling the water park premises, continuously flowing and perfect for those who just wish to float and drift or relax on inner tubes
  5. Ketchakiddee Creek – a mini play area for children that has smaller versions of Typhoon Lagoon’s features: sandy beach, water sprays and fountains, a creek with shallow slides and a tugboat


  1. Shark Reef – attraction depicting a tanker wreck in between to saltwater reefs filled with Caribbean sea creatures for guests to have “close-encounter” experiences with; closed in 2016

List of Rides and Attractions in EPCOT Based off of Movies at Walt Disney World

A complete list of rides and attractions in EPCOT based off of movies at Walt Disney World.

List of Episodes for Disney Web Series “As Told by Emoji” (Season 3)

With a new week comes a new segment. Here’s a list of the episodes for season 3 of Disney’s awesome-fun-heartwarming web-series As Told by Emoji.

  1. Moana
  2. A Day at Walt Disney World – not based on a film or any existing media, but rather an Emoji-fied experience of you and your family spending a day at Disney World
  3. Disney Channel’s Descendants
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean – specifically the first film, Curse of the Black Pearl
  6. Steamboat Willie
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – very short and doesn’t finish the film’s storyline due to a big spoiler

List of Themed Lands in Disney California Adventure, at Disneyland Resort

When Disney California opened in 2001, becoming the second component theme park in Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, it could seem hard to believe that originally the area it stood on was a parking lot for the original Disneyland for four decades.

And even when it was planned to make Disneyland a multi-park, the first idea for remaking the parking lot in 1991 was as WESCOT, the West-Coast EPCOT. Plans fell through however, and Disney went with theming the new park on California history and culture; thus was DCA born. Here’s a list of its current themed area, along with pertinent info.

  1. Buena Vista Street – the entrance area, though it’s one of the more recent expansions in Disney California Adventure (2012); themed after Los Angeles in the 1920s; has a narrow-gauge rail connection to Hollywood Land
  2. Paradise Pier – statistically the largest themed area in all Disneyland Resort, themed after waterfront boardwalks like in Santa Cruz; its façade, dominated by Mickey’s Fun Wheel, took Grizzly Peak’s place as the icon of DCA; while active, it’s being renovated into Pixar Pier, to be completed in mid-2018
  3. Grizzly Peak – themed after the natural beauty of California’s national parks and wilderness areas; it was originally the iconic image of the DCA until it was replaced by Paradise Pier (soon Pixar Pier)
  4. Pacific Wharf – themed after California’s commercial and industrial waterfronts like Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row; filled mainly by restaurants and bakeries
  5. Hollywood Land – originally called Hollywood Studios Backlot, this area is a throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood’s motion picture industry; its Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror attraction was renovated into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, the first Marvel attraction in a Disney theme park in North America
  6. A Bug’s Land – the first expansion which opened in 2002, themed after the Disney-Pixar film A Bug’s Life; set to close this summer 2018 to be remodeled into a Marvel-themed land
  7. Cars Land – opened in 2012 and themed after another Disney-Pixar animated franchise, Cars; its primary feature is a recreation of the film setting of Radiator Springs, with associated themed rides and attractions
  8. “Marvel Land” – set to open in 2020, this will be the new form of A Bug’s Land following its mid-year closure this 2018

List of “Studio Lot” Themed Areas in Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris

Opening back in 2002, Walt Disney Studios Park became the second theme park in the Disneyland Paris Resort complex. Taking after Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, it’s also dedicated to all things motion pictures – production, behind-the-scenes, etc. WDSP ranks as the 22nd most-visited theme park in the world.

At present, Walt Disney Studios Park is the last Disney theme park with a replica of the water tower from Disney’s Burbank, California studios, which is topped in this instance by Mickey Mouse ears and dubbed the “Earffel Tower”. Here’s a list of their themed areas, known as “Studio Lots”.

  1. Front Lot – WDSP’s counterpart to Main Street, USA is the location of the Earffel Tower and “La Place des Frères Lumière”, a courtyard honoring the pioneers of French cinema; its Disney Studio 1 reconstructs a Hollywood street and connects Front Lot to the rest of the park
  2. Toon Studio – area for classic animated characters of Disney and contemporary ones from Pixar, originally named Animation Courtyard; a major expansion in 2009 is the Toy Story Playland, expanded into a whole area (Toy Story Land) in Disneyland Hong Kong and Shanghai, and soon in Anaheim’s Disney California Adventure
  3. Production Courtyard – themed after the craft of film production, with a spotlight of movie legends; it has the newest version of the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” attraction (opened 2007), and has live shows based on Lilo & Stitch and Disney Junior
  4. Backlot – showcase area for action set-piece attractions like its namesake Hollywood studio backlots; has a walkthrough attraction for 1998 asteroid film Armageddon, from Disney’s older-audience Touchstone Pictures label; its “Rock n Rollercoaster avec Aerosmith” ride is currently closed due to being converted into a Marvel-themed coaster; soundtracks from blockbuster films are piped into the background here