Disney Dreamlight Valley A Gift in Crimson Guide: How to Get Red Roses

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a world full of enchanting beauty and collectible treasures, and if you’ve been searching for Red Roses to add to your collection, you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll show you how to befriend Beast and unlock the magical world of Red Roses in your Dreamlight Valley.

Befriending Beast

To start your journey toward acquiring Red Roses, you first need to befriend Beast and raise his friendship level to 10. This friendship milestone will unlock Beast’s final quest, “A Gift in Crimson.” In this heartwarming quest, Beast expresses his desire to collaborate with you to bring roses to Dreamlight Valley, but he requires a greenhouse to begin this enchanting endeavor.

Crafting Beast’s Greenhouse

To craft Beast’s Greenhouse, gather the following materials:

  • Glass x20
  • Dry Wood x10
  • Gold Ingot x5
  • Crystal x3
  • Soil x30

Once you’ve collected all these items, head to a crafting station and combine them with the Greenhouse Base that Beast provided you with. This will result in the creation of Beast’s Greenhouse, a vital component of your quest for Red Roses.

Retrieving Rose Cuttings

Now that you have Beast’s Greenhouse in place, it’s time to fill it with the beautiful Red Roses. To do this, Beast asks you to return to his realm, the Beauty and the Beast Realm, and collect some rose cuttings from there. Use the fast travel option to return to this magical realm.

Upon arriving in the Beauty and the Beast Realm, you’ll find that the roses have wilted in the absence of Belle and Beast. Revive them by using your watering can on the dried-up roses. Then, proceed to pick all twelve of these roses and take them back to Dreamlight Valley.

Sharing the Love

Hand over the dozen roses to Beast, who will then request that you share the love by distributing three roses to specific villagers. Find WALL-E, Mirabel, and Mother Gothel and give each of them one of the roses. Once this kind-hearted act is completed, return to Beast and follow him to give the final rose to Belle, thereby finishing the “A Gift in Crimson” quest.

Beast’s Magical Greenhouse

With all these tasks accomplished, head over to Beast’s Greenhouse. Here, you’ll find up to four random flowers, including the elusive Red Rose, available on a timer. To maximize your flower yield, you can upgrade the greenhouse’s maximum flower cap by interacting with the sign next to it and paying Scrooge McDuck a fee.

  • Upgrade 1 (10,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 6
  • Upgrade 2 (20,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 8
  • Upgrade 3 (30,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 10
  • Upgrade 4 (40,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 12
  • Upgrade 5 (50,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 14
  • Upgrade 6 (60,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 16
  • Upgrade 7 (70,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 18
  • Upgrade 8 (80,000 gold) – Increases flower cap to 20

While Red Roses may not be a common find in Beast’s Greenhouse, be sure to check it frequently to ensure you always have fresh stock coming in, increasing your chances of adding these beautiful flowers to your Dreamlight Valley collection. Happy gardening and may your Dreamlight Valley bloom with the beauty of Red Roses!