Disney and Lenovo Files for Possible Marvel AR Game on Lenovo Mirage Headset

The Lenovo Mirage headset is kind of unique in that rather than being used only for VR, it also does augmented reality (AR). The device saw a boost in sales in 2017 thanks to Disney licensing Lenovo with the development of a “Star Wars” AR game, “Jedi Challenges,” that had users wielding the Mirage remote unit like a lightsaber to parry blaster bolts and enemy sabers seen in their headsets.

Recently Lenovo filed for an FCC ID regarding a new remote control unit used for interaction with their Mirage headset. The filing called for a “Lenovo Mirage 1.5 Marvel Controller.”


If the previous Mirage controller could be used to stand for an AR lightsaber in “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges,” then what would the Marvel version do? In a Disney-Lenovo Marvel AR game, the controller could be manipulated in several ways. These means might be replications of several Marvel heroes’ abilities.

To make an example, a Mirage user playing this hypothetical Marvel AR game could wave the controller up and “swing” to emulate Spider-Man web-swinging across buildings. Or he could mimic “throwing” the controller to similarly throw Captain America’s shield or Thor’s Mjolnir. He could then see the effects in his Lenovo Mirage headset AR display.

Both Disney and Lenovo haven’t deigned to give comments on the FCC filing for now. The application does cover either an alternate controller for existing Mirage headsets, or a full Marvel package, both surely with the Marvel game installed. For now, we must wait for further updates on this development.

“Iron Man VR” Experience Coming to PlayStation 4 VR This Year

When the first MCU film “Iron Man” premiered in 2008, one of the best visuals there was the depiction of Tony Stark in his armor flying through the air and above the clouds. This is also enhanced by the awesome SFX shots of Tony looking at his flight path through the HUD of his helmet.

Attractions like the Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong Disneyland have tried to replicate the first-person view effect of flying like Iron Man. But a more personal experience can be had if you happen to own a PlayStation 4 with an accompanying PlayStation VR headset.


Marvel Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Camouflaj present “Iron Man VR,” a virtual-reality game experience for the PlayStation VR accessory of the PS4. It was unveiled Monday, March 26 during the first ever Sony-exclusive game reveal event, the State of Play. Here’s arguably the ultimate means for players to be in the Iron Man armor.

Ryan Payton, director of the game from developers Camouflaj, says they wanted “Iron Man VR” to be a “thrilling moment-to-moment action experience that’s also personal and funny,” the exact way fans might use to describe Tony Stark/Iron Man and even the whole MCU film franchise.

To this Marvel Games VP and Creative Director Bill Rosemann adds how Iron Man is an ideal hero to experience in VR, to which the simulator is Marvel and Sony’s way of giving fans an “affordable and less dangerous” way of getting into Tony Stark’s metal shoes. No word has been given on the release date for “Iron Man VR.”

First Trailer for ILMxLAB’s “Star Wars: Project Porg” VR Experience on Magic Leap One

When a “Star Wars” film comes out, aside from exotic planetary locations, sweet space vehicles and pitched battles and action sequences that are to be expected, another element of the franchise to watch out for is the latest alien creatures. From humanoids to little winged or four-legged critters, seeing non-human entities in “Star Wars” best sells what it’s like in a galaxy far, far away.

Even in the polarizing Sequel Trilogy entry “Episode VIII – The Last Jedi,” unsettled franchise fans may have had a decent enough reception for Porgs, the constantly-screeching flightless birds from Luke Skywalker’s hideaway planet of Acht-to.

These annoying yet adorable things are the focus of a new virtual-reality experience to be made available on the Magic Leap One VR headset. Developed by the ILMxLAB branch of Lucasfilm, this VR experience applies the “virtual pet-raising” genre onto the “Star Wars” universe, with a Porg as the pet.

Titled “Project Porg,” the experience puts the VR player in the role of impromptu caretaker, having been entrusted by Chewbacca with a Porg and a care device, along with a C-3PO message serving as instruction guide. Good care for the Porg will allow it to grow and eventually hatch offspring.

According to ILMxLAB chief executive Vicki Dobbs Beck, the virtual actions required to care for the Porg has similarities to procedures in caring for any household pet. In addition, the “Project Porg” experience is connected online, allowing players to “take” their Porg to public locations with Magic Leap access. One possible venue might be the “Star Wars” area Galaxy’s Edge, close to opening in both Disneyland Park and Disney World.

“Project Porg” on Magic Leap is not the only VR project that the “Star Wars” creative company is working on. They also have the episodic VR series “Vader Immortal” which runs on the Oculus Rift.

List of Heroic Keyblade Wielders Active in Square-Enix’s “Kingdom Hearts III”

Towards the end of January, Disney and Square-Enix finally released a game that has kept fans waiting for a decade and a half: “Kingdom Hearts III”. So long had been the gap between this and “Kingdom Hearts II” (despite the latter getting remixed several times until 2014) that some gamers who got this last month actually mourned online the fans who passed away before its time.

And indeed, what transpired in this epic action RPG title was something of a grand enough conclusion to the saga that began with the first installment from 2002, even if it left room for continuing the story even afterwards.

Kingdom Hearts III” sees the final struggle between the righteous wielders of the Keyblades against the sinister Organization XIII and its leader Master Xehanort (voiced by Rutger Hauer following the death of Leonard Nimoy), over who shall control the power of the titular Kingdom Hearts.

Over the preceding games, a number of characters possessing Keyblades stood out to confront the plans of Xehanort and Organization XIII to prevent Kingdom Hearts from falling into Darkness in “Kingdom Hearts III.” They are:

  1. Sora – franchise main hero since the first game, his quest becomes the driving narrative of the “Kingdom Hearts” series
  2. Riku – franchise secondary hero; antagonist during much of the first game and supporting character for most of the rest; his nature would prove the interdependence of Light and Darkness on one another; he was the original wielder of the Kingdom Key Keyblade until his emerging darkness made it seek Sora instead
  3. Kairi – franchise main heroine since the first game; a damsel in distress for most of the games she appears in, until receiving a Keyblade from Riku due to having “inherited” worthiness to wield from Aqua
  4. King Mickey Mouse – King of Disney Castle; originally fighting as a Keyblade Master to eliminate Darkness and preserve Light, he learned from Riku that neither cannot exist without the other and thus decides to fight for their balance
  5. Terra – Keyblade Master and former apprentice to Eraqus; became host to his mentor’s heart and was also briefly possessed by Xehanort; Riku passed on the ability to wield Keyblades to Riku before the events of the first game
  6. Aqua – Keyblade Master and former apprentice to Eraqus
  7. Ventus – Keyblade apprentice under both Eraqus and Xehanort prior to the latter’s evil turn; left comatose after his darkness was separated from him to create Vanitas
  8. Roxas – the Nobody of Sora that came to be when Sora opened his heart with a Keyblade to free Kairi’s heart; having come from a Keyblade wielder, he retains the same ability; originally part of Organization XIII, he became fed up with the constant manipulation and reunited himself with Sora, only to gain his own complete being via the Organization’s Replica ability
  9. Xion – the 14th member of Organization XIII and a Replica of Roxas; this enabled her to wield Keyblades as well; her close bonds with Roxas and Axel eventually proves her salvation
  10. Axel/Lea – a member of Organization XIII and their designated hit-man; became close with Roxas and Xion, eventually becoming a whole being and gaining the ability to wield Keyblades himself

“Kingdom Hearts III” is available on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Disney and Square Enix to Bring “Kingdom Hearts III” Experience to Disney Springs, WDW: List of What to Expect

If anybody told somebody from videogame developer Square Enix that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the greatest crossover franchise ever, they might politely ask the speaker to hold whatever beverage they had on hand. That’s because Disney and Square Enix have been working on the Kingdom Hearts game series, crossing characters from the House of Mouse and S-E’s Final Fantasy games, for many years now.

And the long-arching saga of King Mickey Mouse and the Keyblade wielders is set to continue in Kingdom Hearts III arriving January 2019. To whet gamers’ appetites however, Disney and Square Enix will be opening a limited-time attraction and exhibit at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World: the Kingdom Hearts Experience.

Said Kingdom Hearts Experience will be centered around one thing fans of the RPG franchise have been clamoring for: a playable demo of the game featuring Sora, Donald and Goofy on their cross-dimensional adventures in the worlds of Frozen, Big Hero 6, Toy Story and more, as promised in the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page.

But that’s not all. We’re making a list of what the whole Experience can offer.

  1. Kingdom Hearts III demo
  2. Keyblade replica exhibit
  3. Game artwork gallery
  4. Preorder digital kiosks
  5. Kingdom Hearts merchandise booth

The Kingdom Hearts Experience will run from December 14 to January 31, making the holidays the perfect time to visit Disney World if you’re a console RP-gamer. The Kingdom Hearts III game from Square Enix will be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 25.

List of Disney Mobile Games and Apps Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

As you know, Sunday, November 18, was the premiere date of Steamboat Willie, the first Mickey Mouse animation short, back in 1928. It means that this year the world’s most famous mouse and face of the Disney Company is nine decades old. There have been many ways Mickey’s 90 years are being celebrated on the road to this day, from themed merchandise to awesome food.

One more way Disney is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday is by adding content featuring his image to their formidable library of mobile games and apps. From having Mickey sticker to adding the Mouse himself into one’s player party, there’s a lot to do with him this November onwards on mobile Disney gaming. Here’s the list:

  1. Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th (iOS) – 21 new animated Mickey Mouse stickers ready for use on iMessage
  2. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Mickey Mouse becomes a selectable party member, with campaign-unlockable skills like Apprentice Sorcery and Silly Symphony; from Nov. 18 to 21
  3. Disney Magic Kingdoms (iOS, Android, Microsoft Store) – added characters (Classic Version) Mickey, Minnie, and Pete plus Steamboat attraction; from Nov. 18 to 22
  4. Disney Emoji Blitz (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Diamond Box prize added to “Clear the Frosting” event; can win Mickey in Steamboat, Sorcerer or Rainbow versions; Nov. 18 only
  5. Disney Tsum Tsum (iOS, Android) – limited-edition prize capsule; chance to win Mickey in Pirate, Phantasmic, Conductor, Sorcerer, and Musketeer; Nov. 18 to 21
  6. Covet Fashion x Disney Style Challenge (iOS, Android) – one-day Disney Style Challenge featuring Mickey’s 90th Anniversary; Nov. 18 only
  7. Kingdom Hearts union X (iOS, Android) – Mickey Mouse quiz event where players can win up to 1,000 Jewels in celebration of King Mickey’s 90th anniversary; Nov. 18 to 30; ALSO, Free Daily Draw has an increased chance to win even more Jewels for in-game spending; Nov. 18 to Dec. 7; FINALLY, Mickey and Minnie themed avatar boards are discounted for players; Nov. 18 to Dec. 2

List of Videogame Spinoffs of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Franchise

Amidst a recent buzz that Disney may have decided to retire actor Johnny Depp from the role of Captain Jack Sparrow on the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, there’s also talk that at the same time the movie series may be getting a reboot from the House of Mouse.

One reason being brought as to the sudden resurgence of discussion in Disney regarding the pirate series that began in 2003, based off a Disney theme park attraction, was that it would be considered as a possible fallback should the audience tire of Star Wars (somewhat likely) and Marvel (quite possibly) films coming every year.

In the years between The Curse of the Black Pearl and 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales, the Pirates franchise overall has expanded into alternate forms of media, such as books and videogames. The latter portion comes in the form of actual game titles based on Pirates of the Caribbean, and appearances of characters from the franchise in another game series. Here’s a handy-dandy list.

Pirates of the Caribbean Videogames

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean (Akella; Windows and Xbox; 2003)
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow (7 Studios; PlayStation 2 and Windows; 2006)
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War (JOYCITY Corp.; Android and iOS mobile devices)
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean Online (Silver Tree Media; Windows and Mac OS X; 2007-2013)
  5. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (Traveller’s Tales; Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS/3DS, PlayStation 3/Portable, Wii, Xbox 360; 2011)
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned (Propaganda Games; Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, CANCELLED 2010)


Games with Pirates of the Caribbean Appearances

  1. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (Capcom, NES, 1990)
  2. Kingdom Hearts II (Square Enix, PlayStation 2, 2006)
  3. Disney Infinity (Avalanche Software, multiplatform, 2013-2016)
  4. Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, RELEASING in 2019)

List of Costumes Available in Insomniac Games’ “Spider-Man” on PS4

Released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4 this past September, the Spider-Man videogame developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment was considered something of a triumphant return for the game format pioneered on the original PlayStation from Activision, with an added open-world sandbox element from later iterations.

Featuring an adult veteran iteration of Peter Parker as the web-swinging hero/menace of New York, the game features a gripping storyline that involves Spider-Man’s cast of supporting characters and villains all over a massive cityscape with plenty of ground and rooftops to cover, people to see and things to do.

And to do all that crime-fighting necessary, Spidey’s going to need some heavy equipment, in the form of his massive costume wardrobe. Some are just for cool points, others have neat gimmicks, but all will find some use with Spider-Man on his greatest challenge yet. Here’s his bug costume list:


  1. Advanced – default costume as seen in game trailers
  2. Velocity – increases speed
  3. Vintage – a tribute to his classic coloring scheme, with cel-shading to contrast with the realistic environment
  4. Underoos – Spider-Man in hood and Spidey-trunks only
  5. Anti-Ock – used against the climactic game boss, no points for guessing who
  6. Battle-Damaged – a torn-up version of the Classic suit
  7. Empire State University Shirt – Peter’s civilian clothes with only his mask as an actual costume


  1. Classic (Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962) – first appearance costume
  2. Dark (Spider-Man/Deadpool #8, 2016) – acquired by Peter in Purgatory after being killed and meeting Mephisto (long story)
  3. Electro-Proof (Amazing Spider-Man #425, 1997) – used when fighting against Electro with Nate Grey/X-Man
  4. Uru (Fear Itself #7, 2010) – forged by Tony Stark and the Nidavellir dwarves out of Uru metal; destroyed by Odin before he could enjoy its use
  5. Homemade (Spider-Man: Homecoming, 2017) – his initial costume as seen in the MCU film, before Tony Stark started “sponsoring” him
  6. Iron Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #529, 2006 and Spider-Man: Homecoming) – originally created in the “Civil War” comic storyline, then adapted for the MCU; has robot spider-arms (3 in comics, 4 in MCU)
  7. Last Stand (Amazing Spider-Man #500, 2003) – worn by the alternate Spider-Man of Earth-312500
  8. Mk. II Armor (Amazing Spider-Man #656, 2011) – bulletproofed due to needing it at a time when his Spider-Sense was inactive
  9. Mk. III Armor (Amazing Spider-Man #682, 2012) – from the “Ends of the Earth” storyline, aka the anti-Sinister Six costume, specifically designed to counter their powers and gimmicks; built at Horizon Labs
  10. Mk. IV Armor (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1, 2015) – his costume at the start of the All-New All-Different Marvel label; destroyed by Superior Octopus (Doc Ock in re-cloned Parker body)
  11. Negative (Spider-Man #90, 1998) – used during his adventure in the Negative Zone
  12. Noir (Spider-Man: Noir #1, 2008) – the costume of the alternate Spider-Man from a 1933 Depression-Era New York
  13. Secret War Black (Secret War #8, 2004) – used by Spidey as part of Nick Fury’s unsanctioned invasion of Latveria
  14. Scarlet Spider (Original) (Web of Spider-Man #118, 1994) – costume of Peter’s clone Ben Reilly
  15. Spider-Punk (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10, 2014) – Introduced in the “Spider-Verse” event, a rocker Spidey fighting President Osborn in Earth-138; real identity Hobie Brown (Prowler of main universe)
  16. Spirit Spider (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, 2011) – alternate-dimension Spidey who died and was revived by being fused with the Spirit of Vengeance (which creates Ghost Riders)
  17. Stark Suit (Captain America: Civil War, 2016) – debut costume of MCU Spider-Man played by Tom Holland
  18. Stealth (Amazing Spider-Man #650, 2010) – debuted in the “Big Time” storyline, built at Horizon Labs; can turn invisible and protects against sonic attacks
  19. Wrestler (Ultimate Spider-Man #3, 2000) – based on the homemade costume used by Peter in the Ultimate Marvel comic universe
  20. Spider-Man 2099 (Amazing Spider-Man #365, 1992) – costume of possible future web-crawler Miguel O’Hara, who later launched his own comic book series
  21. Spider-Man 2099 (White) (Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 #1, 2015) – costume of another version of Miguel O’Hara who got stuck in the present-day main universe and worked for Parker Industries

Play Disney Parks App: List of Sample Games to Help Make Waiting in Line at Disney Theme Parks Fun

Disney theme parks try their best to live up to their reputation as the Happiest Places on Earth, but reality does tend to sour some of the experience. One of these examples is in the long lines for some of the most popular attractions in the parks, which can result in up to five hours’ waiting without benefits like FastPass.

Fortunately Disney is aware of this; and while there’s no magical solution to long lines, they can try to make the wait bearable. With input from two of their branches, Imagineering and Interactive, Disney introduced the Play Disney Parks app.

This app works inside all Disney parks and enables users to play various fun minigames, these depending on which attraction or themed area in general they’re currently located. Play Disney Parks has trivia quizzes and achievements for players to unlock, making lines for rides and events not so boring.

Here’s a sampling list of all minigames available to the Play Disney Parks app, and in what attraction/themed area of which Disney theme park they might be available to play in.

  1. Playset Party – at Toy Story Mania in Disney California Adventure, Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World
  2. Off to Neverland – at Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland Park or The Magic Kingdom of Disney World
  3. Rocket Race – at Space Mountain in Disneyland Park or The Magic Kingdom of Disney World
  4. Andy’s Board Game Blast – at Slinky Dog Dash coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World
  5. Toy Story Midway – within Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

List of Members of “Kingdom Hearts” Antagonist Group “Organization XIII”

While they did not actually appear in the game that first launched the franchise, there’s no doubt that one of the most interesting features in the ongoing storyline of the Disney-Square Enix videogame franchise Kingdom Hearts is its group of original bad guys working with – or parallel to – the occasional Disney/Squaresoft villains of each succeeding installment. They are Organization XIII.

Born out of hubris by the apprentices of a wise sage-king researching the magical powers of the human heart, the agents of Organization XIII are “Nobodies”: fragmented beings without hearts and emotions, plotting to seize the power of Kingdom Hearts to “complete” themselves, with potentially catastrophic consequences to many worlds.

Here we’ll list the members of Organization XIII. Other pertinent information, including which Kingdom Hearts game they first appeared in, will follow each name.

  • I: Xenmas (KHII) – the Nobody of Xenahort, primary apprentice to Ansem the Wise whose identity he usurped
  • II: Xigbar (KHII) – the Nobody of Braig, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • III: Xaldin (KHII) – the Nobody of Dilan, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • IV: Vexen (CoM) – the Nobody of Even, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • V: Lexaeus (CoM) – the Nobody of Aeleus, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • VI: Zexion (CoM) – the Nobody of Ienzo, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • VII: Saix (KHII) – the Nobody of Isa, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise; friend to Lea, source of Axel
  • VIII: Axel (CoM) – the Nobody of Lea, friend of Isa; executioner of traitors to Organization XIII
  • IX: Demyx (KHII) – source person unknown; pursues Sora to awaken Roxas within his “Whole” being
  • X: Luxord (KHII) – source person unknown; active Organization agent at the world of Port Royal
  • XI: Marluxia (CoM) – junior organization member, planned to usurp leadership with Larxene’s help
  • XII: Larxene (CoM) – junior organization member, planned to usurp leadership alongside Marluxia
  • XIII: Roxas (KHII) – the Nobody of Sora, born when Sora used his Keyblade on himself in the first game to restore Kairi’s heart; later restored to him
  • Xion (CoM) – a pseudo-member of the Organization, an artificial existence created out of Sora’s memories of his friend Kairi

KHII: Kingdom Hearts II; CoM: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The indicated KH games are the ones where the character first appeared according to release, not according to their place in the story’s chronology.