List of Disney Mobile Games and Apps Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

As you know, Sunday, November 18, was the premiere date of Steamboat Willie, the first Mickey Mouse animation short, back in 1928. It means that this year the world’s most famous mouse and face of the Disney Company is nine decades old. There have been many ways Mickey’s 90 years are being celebrated on the road to this day, from themed merchandise to awesome food.

One more way Disney is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday is by adding content featuring his image to their formidable library of mobile games and apps. From having Mickey sticker to adding the Mouse himself into one’s player party, there’s a lot to do with him this November onwards on mobile Disney gaming. Here’s the list:

  1. Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th (iOS) – 21 new animated Mickey Mouse stickers ready for use on iMessage
  2. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Mickey Mouse becomes a selectable party member, with campaign-unlockable skills like Apprentice Sorcery and Silly Symphony; from Nov. 18 to 21
  3. Disney Magic Kingdoms (iOS, Android, Microsoft Store) – added characters (Classic Version) Mickey, Minnie, and Pete plus Steamboat attraction; from Nov. 18 to 22
  4. Disney Emoji Blitz (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Diamond Box prize added to “Clear the Frosting” event; can win Mickey in Steamboat, Sorcerer or Rainbow versions; Nov. 18 only
  5. Disney Tsum Tsum (iOS, Android) – limited-edition prize capsule; chance to win Mickey in Pirate, Phantasmic, Conductor, Sorcerer, and Musketeer; Nov. 18 to 21
  6. Covet Fashion x Disney Style Challenge (iOS, Android) – one-day Disney Style Challenge featuring Mickey’s 90th Anniversary; Nov. 18 only
  7. Kingdom Hearts union X (iOS, Android) – Mickey Mouse quiz event where players can win up to 1,000 Jewels in celebration of King Mickey’s 90th anniversary; Nov. 18 to 30; ALSO, Free Daily Draw has an increased chance to win even more Jewels for in-game spending; Nov. 18 to Dec. 7; FINALLY, Mickey and Minnie themed avatar boards are discounted for players; Nov. 18 to Dec. 2

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