List of Members of “Kingdom Hearts” Antagonist Group “Organization XIII”

While they did not actually appear in the game that first launched the franchise, there’s no doubt that one of the most interesting features in the ongoing storyline of the Disney-Square Enix videogame franchise Kingdom Hearts is its group of original bad guys working with – or parallel to – the occasional Disney/Squaresoft villains of each succeeding installment. They are Organization XIII.

Born out of hubris by the apprentices of a wise sage-king researching the magical powers of the human heart, the agents of Organization XIII are “Nobodies”: fragmented beings without hearts and emotions, plotting to seize the power of Kingdom Hearts to “complete” themselves, with potentially catastrophic consequences to many worlds.

Here we’ll list the members of Organization XIII. Other pertinent information, including which Kingdom Hearts game they first appeared in, will follow each name.

  • I: Xenmas (KHII) – the Nobody of Xenahort, primary apprentice to Ansem the Wise whose identity he usurped
  • II: Xigbar (KHII) – the Nobody of Braig, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • III: Xaldin (KHII) – the Nobody of Dilan, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • IV: Vexen (CoM) – the Nobody of Even, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • V: Lexaeus (CoM) – the Nobody of Aeleus, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • VI: Zexion (CoM) – the Nobody of Ienzo, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • VII: Saix (KHII) – the Nobody of Isa, another apprentice of Ansem the Wise; friend to Lea, source of Axel
  • VIII: Axel (CoM) – the Nobody of Lea, friend of Isa; executioner of traitors to Organization XIII
  • IX: Demyx (KHII) – source person unknown; pursues Sora to awaken Roxas within his “Whole” being
  • X: Luxord (KHII) – source person unknown; active Organization agent at the world of Port Royal
  • XI: Marluxia (CoM) – junior organization member, planned to usurp leadership with Larxene’s help
  • XII: Larxene (CoM) – junior organization member, planned to usurp leadership alongside Marluxia
  • XIII: Roxas (KHII) – the Nobody of Sora, born when Sora used his Keyblade on himself in the first game to restore Kairi’s heart; later restored to him
  • Xion (CoM) – a pseudo-member of the Organization, an artificial existence created out of Sora’s memories of his friend Kairi

KHII: Kingdom Hearts II; CoM: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The indicated KH games are the ones where the character first appeared according to release, not according to their place in the story’s chronology.