Are We To Expect Major Disney World Changes Anytime Soon?

Major Disney World Changes

The Walt Disney Company must address several important issues in the coming year, particularly regarding its Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Although the Disney Parks Division is the most lucrative division within The Walt Disney Company, it is possible that major Disney World changes can happen anytime soon.

After Bob Chapek was terminated and Bob Iger resumed the role of CEO, many Disney Park enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating announcements of changes. However, no updates have been made thus far. It remains to be seen whether Bob Iger will implement any alterations or maintain the status quo. Let’s try to see what Disney fans have to say about the changes that they want to see and if Bob Iger will give us a listening ear.


Good or Bad: the Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane Services

Whether it’s a thumbs up for you or not, the Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane add-on services will remain in place. This controversial service is generating significant daily revenue for Disney and guests continue to utilize it despite its frequent price increases.

In case you missed it, Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane are paid services that allow guests to reserve slots for popular attractions. During their designated time window, they can use the Lightning Lane to bypass the regular queue and enter attractions directly like a sort of VIP lane.

According to Disney, guests can typically visit 2-3 attractions or experiences per day using Lightning Lane entrances, provided that they make their first selection early in the day. Each guest is allowed to utilize the Disney Genie+ service and access the Lightning Lane entrance once per day. If you wish to revisit an attraction or catch a particular show again on the same day, you will only be allowed to use the standby line.

Dining at Disney 

Disney may need to provide an update on the future of the Disney Dining Plan, which has been indefinitely suspended to the disappointment of many Disney World guests who were hoping for its return. It is currently unclear what changes, if any, will be made to the Dining Plan.

This week, Disney unveiled a new offering that may give us insight into their plans later on. If you book a 5-night, 4-day non-discounted room and ticket package at participating resorts, you will receive a Disney Dining Promo Card worth up to $750. The card can then be used to purchase food and beverages at selected participating locations throughout Walt Disney World. Perhaps we can see similar dining promos in the future, however, it will be better if these promo cards are accepted at all dining locations.

Reservation Booking System

There has been speculation about whether or not the Disney Park Reservation System and related park hopping rules might be modified now that Bob Iger is back in charge, but there have been no announcements at this time. In fact, park visitors have noted that there have been no changes at all while Disney has increased capacity similar to pre-pandemic levels. I know it’s inconvenient to some, but the current reservation booking system is here to stay.

Before purchasing tickets, be sure to check for theme park reservation availability online. Keep in mind that theme park reservations are limited and are subject to availability. It may fluctuate until the theme park reservation is completed.

The Return of Disney World Annual Passes

Disney has made it clear that Annual Passes will be back at Disney World, though exactly when is uncertain. If there are any indications of its return, it will most likely start with a price hike once it is made available.

The new prices for Annual Passes may include Pixie ($399), Pirate ($749), Sorcerer ($969), and the Incredi-Pass ($1,399). For more details on the mechanics of Disney Annual passes, be sure to visit the Disney website.

Other Changes That Bob Iger Needs to Make in 2023

What major Disney World changes that Bob Iger needs to bring to Walt Disney World Resort in 2023? It is possible that Iger could work towards giving Disney cast members a pay increase, though this is not guaranteed. If this were to happen, it could allow Disney to hire more cast members and create a more positive working environment, which could potentially lead to the restoration of some of the magic that makes the Disney World experience so special.

However, as they say, it’s better to hold on to our horses no matter how exciting these anticipated changes may seem to be. There might be no major splashes with these changes but will most likely be expanded upon and augmented with more features rather than being altered or removed entirely. 

So what do you think of these potential changes? Are there any other things that you wish Bob Iger and Disney’s top management to look into? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.  


Source: Inside the Magic

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