How to Complete the Poetic License Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Poetic License quest is a fun and rewarding quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that helps players learn more about The Forgotten and their love of poetry. To complete the quest, players must use their creativity and problem-solving skills to help The Forgotten finish their poetry and build a special place for them to read it.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to successfully complete it.

Upon receiving the “Poetic License” quest from The Forgotten, your first task is to engage with other villagers and assist them in crafting rhymes for poetry. While the game doesn’t provide explicit instructions about which villagers to approach, it offers subtle hints.

  • Jealous Wannabe Ruler: Speak to Scar.
  • Someone Nervous About Aging: Seek out Mother Gothel.
  • Somebody Unfairly Exiled: Locate Ursula.

Once you’ve collected the missing lines of poetry from these villagers, return to The Forgotten and share your findings with them. Subsequently, they will request your assistance in gathering materials for the construction of an area dedicated to poetry reading. Here’s a list of the items you’ll need to create “The Forgotten’s Poetry Corner”:

  • Iron Ingot x5
  • Fabric x10
  • Black Passion Lily x2
  • Amethyst x2

Once you’ve successfully gathered all the required materials, return to The Forgotten once more. They will use these materials to craft “The Forgotten’s Poetry Corner.” The final step in this quest is to place the Poetry Corner in The Forgotten Lands, thus concluding this segment of the adventure and paving the way for the exciting mysteries yet to be unraveled in Disney Dreamlight Valley.