Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Enchanting Easter Egg in Ursula’s Transformation

Did you know that Ursula’s human form in Disney Dreamlight Valley reflects her true octopus form in mirrors?

The iconic villain Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” has always been a fan-favorite. Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley can step into her tentacled shoes and experience Ursula’s story within the game. However, it was while playing as Ursula in her Vanessa transformation skin that one player, known as RedstoneMinr9000, stumbled upon an enchanting detail.

On Reddit, the user shared their remarkable find. RedstoneMinr9000 had acquired Ursula’s Dream Bundle, allowing them to explore the character’s various features and quirks. As they prepared to present a gift to Vanessa, they noticed something truly fascinating. In a moment of curiosity, they observed Vanessa pulling out a mirror to check her appearance.

What captured RedstoneMinr9000’s attention was the reflection in Vanessa’s mirror. To their amazement, the mirror revealed Vanessa’s original octopus form—the very essence of the character from “The Little Mermaid.” Fans of the classic Disney film who witnessed this unique moment likely appreciated the nod to the animated events.

How is it possible or am I missing something
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Unfortunately, RedstoneMinr9000 was unable to share a screenshot of this extraordinary discovery. However, Disney Dreamlight Valley offers fans a chance to patiently wait until Vanessa decides to check her appearance in the mirror again, allowing them to witness this delightful Easter egg for themselves.

The Reddit thread where this discovery was shared garnered considerable attention and praise from the Disney Dreamlight Valley community. Fans of both the game and “The Little Mermaid” expressed their admiration for the attention to detail that Disney Dreamlight Valley provides in its character interactions.

Given the substantial number of Moonstones required to purchase Ursula’s Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Bundle, players naturally had high expectations regarding the content and aesthetic items included in the bundle. With Vanessa’s endearing idle movement and this delightful Easter egg, it appears that players are indeed getting their money’s worth. The meticulous care and attention to detail showcased by Disney Dreamlight Valley further cement its place as a beloved and immersive life simulation game for Disney enthusiasts and gamers alike.