How to Complete the The Magic in Everything Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Magic in Everything is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that focuses on helping The Forgotten feel more comfortable and at home in your valley. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the quest and fulfill The Forgotten’s requests.

Unlocking “The Magic in Everything” Quest

To embark on “The Magic in Everything” quest, ensure you have completed the first arc of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s main story and invited The Forgotten to join your valley. After at least a week has passed from The Forgotten’s arrival, you’ll receive a prompt to begin the quest. Simply approach and speak to The Forgotten to kickstart your journey.

Completing “The Magic in Everything” Quest

This quest is divided into two main parts: capturing The Forgotten’s interests through photography and creating a cozy room for them in your house. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Capturing The Forgotten’s Interests

The Forgotten will request that you take photos of specific elements around the valley:

  • A cool yellow flower found exclusively in the Forgotten Lands – This flower is the Yellow Nasturtium, abundant in the Forgotten Lands.
  • A neat bird with the darkest feathers in the valley – This is the elusive Classic Raven, found in the Forgotten Lands on specific days.
    • Sundays: 12pm to 12am
    • Mondays: All day
    • Tuesdays: Absent
    • Wednesdays: Absent
    • Thursdays: All day
    • Fridays: Absent
    • Saturdays: All day
    • If you’ve previously befriended the Classic Raven, you can use it as a photo subject.

  • A giant skull off Dazzle Beach – This giant skull is known as Skull Rock, located near Dazzle Beach. Take a photo to complete this part of the quest.

Creating a Cozy Room

After successfully capturing these photos, The Forgotten will request a cozy room in your house. Follow these steps to complete the room setup:

  • Clear out a room in any of your houses.
  • Access the furniture menu and look for items marked with The Forgotten’s dark crown icon.
  • Place the following items in the room:
    • Two Calm furniture assets
    • Two Elegant furniture assets
    • Three Black furniture assets
    • Three Purple furniture assets
    • Two Seating furniture assets
    • One Art furniture asset

“The Magic in Everything” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a heartwarming journey that allows you to connect with The Forgotten on a deeper level. By capturing their interests through photography and creating a cozy room, you’ll help The Forgotten feel more at home in your valley. Enjoy the rewarding experience and relish the three delicious batches of Cookies as a token of appreciation for your efforts.