Episode List of Marvel’s “Luke Cage” (Season 1) on Netflix

Barely even a week after Netflix cancelled one of its Marvel TV shows, Iron Fist, after it aired two seasons, it’s happened again. While the axing of the Finn Jones starrer may have been obviously due to the series’ significantly lower performance compared to the other Marvel Netflix content, that doesn’t quite explain why Luke Cage was also cut out.

Speculation runs rampant as to why these show are dropping like flies, with the main notion being that relations Marvel’s parent company Disney and the streaming giant are increasingly tense with the impending launch of the former’s in-house streaming platform featuring its own Marvel shows; and that’s despite ironclad reassurances from both sides that Marvel on Netflix won’t go away.

With that sobering thought, let’s look back on the legacy of Marvel’s Luke Cage (season 1), starring Mike Colter as the titular character, a bartending vigilante with super strength and bulletproof skin from an experiment. It premiered September 30, 2016, with each episode title taken from songs by Gang Starr, hinting at how entwined to background music the series was.

  1. Moment of Truth
  2. Code of the Streets
  3. Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?
  4. Step in the Arena
  5. Just to Get a Rep
  6. Suckas Need Bodyguards
  7. Manifest
  8. Blowin’ Up the Spot
  9. DWYCK
  10. Take It Personal
  11. Now You’re Mine
  12. Soliloquy of Chaos
  13. You Know My Steez