List of Characters for Planned “High School Musical: The Musical” Spinoff TV Series on Disney Streaming Service

Since its first iteration came out on The Disney Channel in 2006, High School Musical has ballooned into one of the entertainment giant’s surprise hit franchises, with strong recognition even after a long absence of new media. That’s about to change with a High School Musical series set for the Disney streaming service starting next year, but it’s weirdly different.

Entitled High School Musical: The Musical, the 10-episode series is set in the “real world” where the Disney franchise is just a Disney franchise, but it involves an East High School where students work to realize a production of the official High School Musical stage version. The problem is, there’s as much drama in real life as in the story.

With show-runner Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars) co-executively producing with Tim Federle (Blue Sky and Fox Animation’s Ferdinand), High School Musical: The Musical will center on these new principal characters.

  1. Ricky – mediocre class clown and boyfriend to Nini; when she breaks off with him to focus on their school production of High School Musical, he joins audition to win her back; to be portrayed by Joshua Bassett (Stuck in the Middle), see above; first role cast
  2. Nini – formerly a music choir member, she became a newly confident soloist after a stint in summer camp; but with that comes a new attitude that estranges her from Ricky; she also made a new boyfriend from summer camp; raised by two moms; the driving force (performer-wise) of the musical
  3. E.J. – Nini’s new boyfriend from summer camp, from a family of successful lawyers and a young entrepreneur in his own right; very entitled to Nini and anything concerning her, like the High School Musical production
  4. Ashlyn – E.J.’s cousin; is looking for purpose and direction, but hides it under an abrasive facade; avid horoscope reader
  5. Big Red – Ricky’s best friend; surprisingly affected by the Ricky-Nini breakup; finds a job backstage for the school presentation; aspiring wannabe garage band founder but never gets around to doing it
  6. Gina – Nini’s rival for the top spot in their High School Musical presentation; her ambition to hog the spotlight is born from a lifetime of acting and a stage mother to match
  7. Vikram – East High color guard captain and assigned student choreographer for their production of High School Musical; notable for treating the drama teacher like a colleague in the same age group; has an ear for professionalism but a hidden phobia of messing up
  8. Miss Jenn – if Miss Darbus existed in real life, she might be Miss Jenn; fled from a theatre career in NYC but keeps mum about why; sees musicals as the be-all and end-all of existence; a slave-driver like Darbus, but can be compassionate

Episode List (Season 2) for MCU Series “Iron Fist” on Netflix

Yesterday we began our commemoration of the recent cancellation of Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming series Iron Fist on Netflix, by listing the episode titles of its first season. MCU TV followers are well aware that this initial entry of Danny Rand/Iron Fist into the franchise was grossly panned, requiring several retools going into season 2.

But while Iron Fist S2 was slightly better in audience opinion, it still wasn’t quite enough to pump viewer numbers up, leading to Netflix deciding to can the show. Super-powered Kung Fu master with super-strong fist just didn’t seem to click. Danny (Finn Jones) himself ended up being made fun of by his fellow street heroes in The Defenders even.

In any case, here are the episode titles for the final season of Iron Fist. Their titles are taken from the classic Marvel Comics issues. The season aired September 7.

  1. “The Fury of Iron Fist”
  2. “The City’s Not for Burning”
  3. “This Deadly Secret”
  4. “Target: Iron Fist”
  5. “Heart of the Dragon”
  6. “The Dragon Dies at Dawn”
  7. “Morning of the Mindstorm”
  8. “Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance”
  9. “War Without End”
  10. “A Duel of Iron”

And with that we bid adieu to Iron Fist headlining his own superhero story. Hopefully he’ll keep showing up in the other Marvel Netflix series in the future.

List of 90s Disney Animated Film Soundtrack Vinyl Records Now Available on shopDisney

Ask any Disney animated movie fan what their favorite decade of films is and most likely they’ll respond with the 1990s. That time after all was dominated by the “Disney Renaissance” period that saw fantastic stories and new animation techniques that would later become standard in other productions to come.

Let’s not forget the music too. There’s a lot of fine and memorable songs that came out of 90s Disney animated films. And as shopDisney seems to be on a nostalgia trip for that decade, they’re released a series of 90s Disney Classic film soundtracks; and not just any soundtrack, but printed on vinyl LPs.

That’s some mad retro nostalgia that the House of Mouse’s merchandising arm is going for. Yes, these are real vinyl records, fully painted with the main characters of their respective films. The movie soundtracks are:

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Aladdin
  3. The Lion King
  4. Hercules

Yeah, the last one bypassed Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame; shop Disney isn’t telling why. But the featured LP soundtracks are still sweet, costing $24.95 each. That’s a tad steep compared to CDs, but they’re a prize catch for 90s Disney fans who still have record players at home.

Album Song List for Upcoming Tour by Disney Music Singing Group DCappella

The magical part of hearing songs being sung a cappella is the wonder, bordering on disbelief, that those melodic musical backing for the lyrical singer is actually vocalization, following a rhythm matching the words sung. There’s plenty enough of a cappella renditions of famous songs online to demonstrate its creativity.

Even Disney songs have been done in a cappella; no surprise considering the sheer number of memorable numbers from their musical animated films. Now, an a cappella singing group called DCappella is about to go on tour to promote their self-titled a cappella album of famous Disney movie songs both classic and contemporary. Just listen!

Pretty cool, huh? They were even kind enough to give their song list for their upcoming album, an official Disney music release for November 16.

  1. “Tune Up” (Original Song)
  2. “The World Es Mi Familia” from Coco
  3. “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin
  4. “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana
  5. “Let It Go/Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen
  6. “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” from The Jungle Book
  7. “You’ll Be in My Heart” from Tarzan
  8. “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2
  9. “Trashin’ the Camp” from Tarzan
  10. “Part of Your World/A Whole New World” from The Little Mermaid and Aladdin
  11. “Step in Time” from Mary Poppins
  12. “Immortals” from Big Hero 6
  13. “Remember Me” from Coco

DCappella will start of their first big tour in January of next year, though tickets will be available for their various concert stops here. Check out their tour dates and locations on the official DCappella website here.

Season 1 Episode List for MCU Series “Iron Fist” on Netflix

Last week the unthinkable happened, or so it felt. Netflix had announced the cancellation of one of their streaming series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Iron Fist – mere weeks after the debut of its second, and thus final, season.

The MCU in Netflix had always seemed steady, and even though the show about a martial artist with a glowing power-punch was the poorest-performing out of all of them, it was hoped that Daredevil, Jessica Jones and so on could compensate. But no; after a bad season 1 and a minimally improved season 2, that’s all there is for Iron Fist in his own story.

In tribute to the end of this MCU Netflix series, which starred Finn Jones (Game of Thrones), we’ll begin listing the episodes of its two seasons, starting with the first, aired in March 17, 2017. The naming convention for these particular episodes is specific movement sequences in Shaolin Kung Fu.

  1. Snow Gives Way
  2. Shadow Hawk Takes Flight
  3. Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch
  4. Eight Diagram Dragon Palm
  5. Under Leaf Pluck Lotus
  6. Immortal Emerges from Cave
  7. Felling Tree with Roots
  8. The Blessing of Many Fractures
  9. The Mistress of All Agonies
  10. Black Tiger Steals Heart
  11. Lead Horse Back to Stable
  12. Bar the Big Boss
  13. Dragon Plays with Fire

The next MCU show in sequence on Netflix is the third season of Daredevil with Charlie Cox, starting this October 19.

Song List for “Disney’s Sing-Along Songs” Series 2 Volume: “A Friend Like Me” (1993)

With the first teaser for the live-action Disney adaptation of their 1993 animated classic Aladdin now available to the public, it seems rather appropriate that we pick up our long pause on covering the song lists for Disney’s home media series Sing Along Songs, with the volume concerning it.

Indeed, this volume which was released in the year Aladdin originally premiered had its introductory spotlight focused on a particular song from the film, the leitmotif of which was prominent in the new live-action trailer. It’s of course, “Friend Like Me” as sung by Robin Williams in character as the Genie.

Even the Disney Sing Along Songs intro was altered slightly by having the end of “A Friend Like Me” overwrite the intro sequence’s ending bars. This was the first time it happened in the home video series, and it won’t be the last. With that said, here’s the song list:

  1. Friend Like Me (from 1993’s Aladdin)
  2. Best of Friends (from 1981’s The Fox and the Hound)
  3. Something There (from 1991’s Beauty and the Beast)
  4. How Do You Do? (from 1946’s Song of the South)
  5. Friendship (performed by Mickey, Donald and Goofy)
  6. In Harmony (from The Little Mermaid TV Series 1992-94)
  7. Let’s Get Together (from 1961’s The Parent Trap)
  8. That’s What Friends Are For (from 1967’s The Jungle Book)
  9. A Whole New World (from Aladdin)
  10. Reprise conclusion: Friend Like Me

List of Other Primary “Star Wars Resistance” Cast of Characters

By now, Star Wars Resistance, the latest animated series in the Star Wars franchise, is on its second week of running on both Disney Channel and Disney XD, and on its third episode (as the premiere date was a 2-episode double feature). The setting is introduced and the main characters are presented with their respective circumstances, in the background of galactic events building up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

We’ve covered the pilots of Ace Squadron in a prior list, so now we’ll touch on the other supporting cast and possible antagonists for Resistance:

  • Ace Squadron – the mercenary starfighter unit of Colossus Station in planet Castilon; doubles as a racing circuit when not fighting outside threats


  • Team Fireball – the support unit of Kazuda Xiono, based on the starship repair yard run by Jarek Yeager
  1. Jarek Yeager (Scott Lawrence) – veteran pilot and old friend of Dameron Poe; runs a repair yard and gives Resistance agent Kazuda a home and workplace while steering clear of his spying activities
  2. Tam Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) – wannabe starfighter racer from Kuat, working as a mechanic for Jarek; almost finished fixing the Fireball as her personal racing craft only for Kazuda to take over from her
  3. Neeku Vozo (Josh Brener) – a Kadas’sa’Nikto employee of Jarek’s shop; possibly autistic
  4. R1-J5 aka “Bucket” – Jarek’s old astromech droid partner that likes wearing Rebel Alliance helmets
  • Colossus Station – a starship refueling station on the water planet of Castilon
  1. Imanuel Doza – captain of the Colussus and overprotective dad of Ace pilot Torra Doza
  2. Flix (Jim Rash) – humanoid avian and co-proprietor of Flix and Orka’s Office of Acquisitions
  3. Orka (Bobby Moynihan) – a Chadra-Fan and co-proprietor with Flix of their Office of Acquisitions
  4. Aunt Z’Vk’Thkrkza (Tovah Feldshuh) – the Gilliand barkeep of Aunt Z’s Tavern; she runs the Ace Squadron race betting pool
  5. Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood) – a Colossus starfighter racer who tries to get one up of Kazuda while pretending to be friendly
  6. Bolza Grool (Fred Tatasciore) – a short-tempered and vindictive Klatooinian gorg merchant
  7. Grevel (Dee Bradley Baker) – an Aleena con man who sets ups Colossus newcomers to run up debts to him
  8. Jav Sivrak (Greg Proops) – Colossus race announcer
  • Space Pirates – the sort of danger an isolated refueling station like Colossus tends to attract
  1. Kragan (Gary Anthony Williams) – a Quarren commander of a space pirate crew; frequently attacks Colossus
  2. Synara San (Nazneen Contractor) – part of Kragan’s crew; a beautiful junk salvager


  • The Resistance – formed as a deniable asset to oppose the First Order, an insurgency in First Order-controlled space that in theory cannot be linked to the New Republic
  1. General Leia Organa (Rachel Butera) – former New Republic Senator; Resistance founder and leader
  2. Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) – Resistance ace pilot and Kazuda’s intelligence handler
  3. BB-8 – Poe’s astromech droid
  4. C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) – Leia’s longtime protocol droid
  • First Order – Galactic Empire remnants under Supreme Leader Snoke; plots to destroy the New Republic and conquer the Galaxy from their Outer Rim stronghold
  1. Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) – First Order stormtrooper commander
  2. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) – Knight of Ren and right hand to Snoke

List of Costumes Available in Insomniac Games’ “Spider-Man” on PS4

Released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4 this past September, the Spider-Man videogame developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment was considered something of a triumphant return for the game format pioneered on the original PlayStation from Activision, with an added open-world sandbox element from later iterations.

Featuring an adult veteran iteration of Peter Parker as the web-swinging hero/menace of New York, the game features a gripping storyline that involves Spider-Man’s cast of supporting characters and villains all over a massive cityscape with plenty of ground and rooftops to cover, people to see and things to do.

And to do all that crime-fighting necessary, Spidey’s going to need some heavy equipment, in the form of his massive costume wardrobe. Some are just for cool points, others have neat gimmicks, but all will find some use with Spider-Man on his greatest challenge yet. Here’s his bug costume list:


  1. Advanced – default costume as seen in game trailers
  2. Velocity – increases speed
  3. Vintage – a tribute to his classic coloring scheme, with cel-shading to contrast with the realistic environment
  4. Underoos – Spider-Man in hood and Spidey-trunks only
  5. Anti-Ock – used against the climactic game boss, no points for guessing who
  6. Battle-Damaged – a torn-up version of the Classic suit
  7. Empire State University Shirt – Peter’s civilian clothes with only his mask as an actual costume


  1. Classic (Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962) – first appearance costume
  2. Dark (Spider-Man/Deadpool #8, 2016) – acquired by Peter in Purgatory after being killed and meeting Mephisto (long story)
  3. Electro-Proof (Amazing Spider-Man #425, 1997) – used when fighting against Electro with Nate Grey/X-Man
  4. Uru (Fear Itself #7, 2010) – forged by Tony Stark and the Nidavellir dwarves out of Uru metal; destroyed by Odin before he could enjoy its use
  5. Homemade (Spider-Man: Homecoming, 2017) – his initial costume as seen in the MCU film, before Tony Stark started “sponsoring” him
  6. Iron Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #529, 2006 and Spider-Man: Homecoming) – originally created in the “Civil War” comic storyline, then adapted for the MCU; has robot spider-arms (3 in comics, 4 in MCU)
  7. Last Stand (Amazing Spider-Man #500, 2003) – worn by the alternate Spider-Man of Earth-312500
  8. Mk. II Armor (Amazing Spider-Man #656, 2011) – bulletproofed due to needing it at a time when his Spider-Sense was inactive
  9. Mk. III Armor (Amazing Spider-Man #682, 2012) – from the “Ends of the Earth” storyline, aka the anti-Sinister Six costume, specifically designed to counter their powers and gimmicks; built at Horizon Labs
  10. Mk. IV Armor (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1, 2015) – his costume at the start of the All-New All-Different Marvel label; destroyed by Superior Octopus (Doc Ock in re-cloned Parker body)
  11. Negative (Spider-Man #90, 1998) – used during his adventure in the Negative Zone
  12. Noir (Spider-Man: Noir #1, 2008) – the costume of the alternate Spider-Man from a 1933 Depression-Era New York
  13. Secret War Black (Secret War #8, 2004) – used by Spidey as part of Nick Fury’s unsanctioned invasion of Latveria
  14. Scarlet Spider (Original) (Web of Spider-Man #118, 1994) – costume of Peter’s clone Ben Reilly
  15. Spider-Punk (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10, 2014) – Introduced in the “Spider-Verse” event, a rocker Spidey fighting President Osborn in Earth-138; real identity Hobie Brown (Prowler of main universe)
  16. Spirit Spider (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, 2011) – alternate-dimension Spidey who died and was revived by being fused with the Spirit of Vengeance (which creates Ghost Riders)
  17. Stark Suit (Captain America: Civil War, 2016) – debut costume of MCU Spider-Man played by Tom Holland
  18. Stealth (Amazing Spider-Man #650, 2010) – debuted in the “Big Time” storyline, built at Horizon Labs; can turn invisible and protects against sonic attacks
  19. Wrestler (Ultimate Spider-Man #3, 2000) – based on the homemade costume used by Peter in the Ultimate Marvel comic universe
  20. Spider-Man 2099 (Amazing Spider-Man #365, 1992) – costume of possible future web-crawler Miguel O’Hara, who later launched his own comic book series
  21. Spider-Man 2099 (White) (Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 #1, 2015) – costume of another version of Miguel O’Hara who got stuck in the present-day main universe and worked for Parker Industries

List of Musical Cues Used in First Trailer for Live-Action “Aladdin”

After occasional teases all throughout this year and the last, Disney is at last ready to reveal the first visual look on another of the latest upcoming live-action adaptations, Aladdin. Due to come out by March next year, the movie has gotten out an initial teaser trailer for our consideration.

The cinematography is rather similar to the first teaser for 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, which was first unveiled the year before that. Sweeping desert vistas with a distant view of Agrabah is then followed by the magical spectacle of the Cave of Wonders, both outside and in, and a closer look at Mena Massoud in character as Aladdin ready to claim the magic lamp.

What’s also attention-grabbing with the Aladdin trailer is the magnificent presence of music cues throughout, sweet orchestrations of the various musical numbers from the 1993 original animated film. They are:

  1. Arabian Nights – desert, Agrabah, Cave of Wonders entrance
  2. A Friend Like Me – Cave of Wonders interior, title, Aladdin before the lamp

Aladdin premieres on May 2019, after the live-action remake of Dumbo in March.

List of Marvel Stud10s Emoji Pin Collection from Disney Movie Rewards

As we already know, Marvel Studios which created the massively popular Marvel Cinematic Universe turned ten years old this year. As part of its many celebratory promotions throughout 2018, the Disney Movie Rewards program is offering a series of collectible emoji pins crafted by 100% Soft, featuring the many major Marvel characters in the MCU.

These Marvel Studios commemorative pins come in four sets of four, totaling 12 in all. MCU fans who sign up for Disney Movie Rewards will have a chance to bring home one each of these pin sets, while supplies last.

The four Marvel Studios pin sets will be released gradually over time, with Set 1 already out now, and Set 2 for early January 2018. The MCU characters depicted are:

  • Set 1
  1. Ant-Man
  2. The Wasp
  3. Gamora
  4. Star-Lord
  • Set 2
  1. Iron Man
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. Hulk
  • Set 3
  1. Thor
  2. Rocket
  3. Black Panther
  4. Okoye
  • Set 4
  1. Captain America
  2. Falcon
  3. Black Widow
  4. Winter Soldier