List of Internet Company/Brand “Cameos” in “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2”

So, Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 showed its first good-length trailer recently, and we got to make a list of the Disney Princesses shown in the movie (thus far), plus the self-aware questions they asked Vanellope. But there are other things to list down with that reference-laden film.

Just as the original Wreck-It Ralph had oodles of videogame characters to spot, from the recognizable to the obscure, so too does Ralph Breaks the Internet have an even bigger pool of internet-based companies and brands to populate its cyber-landscape with. How many of these names can you positively identify?

Here’s a “personal best” list of online brands and companies that we here have been able to identify through freeze-frames, if necessary. Note that a number of the brands shown are actually pastiches of real ones, so we didn’t count them (“The Daily Boast” and “Knowsmore” search bar, for instance).

  1. Cisco – during Vanellope and Ralph’s “capsule ride” into the net
  2. Internet Movie Database (IMDb) – first when Ralph and Vanellope land inside the internet, and again as a “building” billboard
  3. Mashable – when Ralph and Vanellope land inside the internet
  4. National Geographic – part of the internet “skyline” view of Ralph and Vanellope (hint: check our top picture in this list)
  5. eBay – auction for “Sorrowful Kitten” painting; Rapunzel’s frying pan is also being bid on in the background
  6. Amazon – a large and wide box-shaped “building”
  7. Twitter – Twitter birds discussing Grumpy Cat
  8. Snapchat – holographic sign
  9. MySpace – billboard
  10. Facebook – “skyscraper”
  11. YouTube – first when Ralph and Vanellope land inside the internet (as YouTube Red), and again as a TV-shaped billboard
  12. Google – tall “skyscraper”

We also didn’t include Disney because it’s too obvious and easy.