The Last Jedi Might Get Post-Credits Teaser According to Cinema Advisory

If there’s one thing Marvel Studios (and their Disney higher-ups, sometimes) is fond of doing in many of their films, it’s their penchant for tacking on post-end credits scenes – and even mid-credit scenes on occasion – for their motion pictures. These segments range from world-building like Nick Fury appearing in the 2008 Iron Man film to talk about the “Avengers Initiative,” to some parting humor like seeing the still-upside-down Tamatoa at the end of Moana.

Now that practice has apparently spread to another present-day Disney subsidiary in Lucasfilm. Some leaks for Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi hint that moviegoers shouldn’t leave their seats until the credits are over. It seems for the first time in franchise history, Star Wars is getting a post-credits scene.

Word is that fans who have bought tickets in advance for the long-awaited December 15 premiere of The Last Jedi have been given advise tantamount to “staying to the end,” implying the credits sequence, in order to see a “special surprise exclusive.”

One of these ticket-holders broke the news to Mike Zeroh, who runs a Star Wars channel on YouTube. Regarding this, Zeroth says in his channel that the exclusive content that will be screened to opening-night moviegoers is going to be footage.

The ticket-holder had asked his cinema about the sort of special stuff to be given to attendees on premiere night for The Last Jedi. In addition to complimentary popcorn and goody-bag, the theater also mentioned the special scene that viewers shouldn’t leave their seats too early for.

The question now is: what footage will the end-credits sequence be about? There are only two significant possibilities here: a teaser for the last segment of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, or one for the Solo: A Star Wars Story spin-off. If this rumor is true, then it’s the first big change to the film format that Star Wars has laid out in its previous two trilogies. We’ll just have to confirm it for ourselves when Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out this mid-December.