Roster List of Mighty Ducks from “Mighty Ducks” Film Trilogy

It’s no exaggeration that Disney in all its filmmaking facilities has dabbled in every motion picture genre imaginable. That of course, includes sports films featuring underdog players winning against big boys. Nowhere is this more evident than in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks franchise, about a Minneapolis-based pee-wee ice hockey team.

Starting with 1992’s The Mighty Ducks (titled Champions overseas), the eponymous team led by Coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) would go on to have further adventures in two sequels, D2 in 1994 and D3 in 1995.

Let’s celebrate this pioneering franchise that inspired many other sports films in this vein, by looking at the team’s historical roster. The numbers are their jerseys. Their film appearances and other important info are also noted where relevant. Finally, their actors’ names are in parentheses.

  • #00: Guy Germaine, Connie’s boyfriend, D1-D3 (Garette Ratliff Henson)
  • #01: Terry Hall, Jesse’s brother, D1 only (Jussie Smollett)
  • #02: Tommy Duncan, Tammy’s brother, D1 only (Danny Tamberelli)
  • #04: Lester Averman, D1-D3 (Matt Doherty)
  • #05: Tammy Duncan, Tommy’s sister, the figure-skater, D1 only (Jane Plank)
  • #06: Julie “the Cat” Gaffney, backup – later starting – Goalie, faster glove, D2-D3 (Colombe Jacobsen)
  • #07: Dwayne Robertson, the Cowboy, puck-handler, D2-D3 (Ty O’Neal)
  • #09: Jesse Hall, Terry’s brother, D1-D2 (Brandon Adams)
  • #11: Dave Karp, D1 only (Aaron Schwartz)
  • #16: Ken Wu, Olympic figure-skater, triple-Axel to split the Iceland defensive line, D2-D3 (Justin Wong)
  • #18: Connie Moreau, Guy’s girlfriend, D1-D3 (Marguerite Moreau)
  • #21: Dean Portman, Enforcer, “Bash Brother” #1, D2-D3 (Aaron Lohr)
  • #22: Luis Mendoza, fantastic speed but “no brakes”, D2-D3 (Mike Vitar)
  • #24: Peter Mark, D1 only (J.D. Daniels)
  • #33: Greg Goldberg, starting Goalie, faster stick hand, later defensive player, D1-D3 (Shaun Weiss)
  • #44: Fulton Reed, Slap-shooter, Enforcer, “Bash Brother” #2, D1-D3 (Elden Henson)
  • #56: Russ Tyler, “knuckle-puck” shooter, trash-talker, D2-D3 (Kenan Thompson)
  • #96: Charlie Conway, the Captain, “triple-deke” shooter, D1-D3 (Joshua Jackson)
  • #99: Adam Banks, former Hawk, “Cake Eater”, D1-D3 (Vincent Larusso)