LEGO Reveals its LEGO Disney100 Collectible Minifigures and They’re All Gorgeous!

The Brick Show blog has just published what seems to be an early look at the LEGO Disney100 Collectible Minifigures series expected to be released this May. LEGO and Disney fans will surely love to add these eighteen Instragramble mini collectibles, spanning the most iconic Disney films since the days of Oswald the Rabbit.

If you’re a LEGO Disney fan and completionist, then you may want to have a head start to figure out which LEGO Disney100 Collectible Minifigures will make it to the top of your list. Take a look at the package insert for this upcoming series. It may not be the best image around, but it gives us a pretty good grasp of what to expect from them.

Top Row (from left to right)

  • Oswald the Funny Rabbit with new head mold, dual-molded legs and printed 1×2 tile (predecessor to 1927 Mickey Mouse)
  • Pinocchio with new head mold and printed fishbowl (Pinocchio, 1940)
  • Jiminy Cricket with Parasol (Pinocchio, 1940)
  • Magician Mickey with new head mold, with bucket and mop (Fantasia, 1940)
  • Princess Tiana with 2×3 printed tile, crown, and frog (The Princess and the Frog, 2009)
  • Dr. Facilier with printed 1×2 tile and walking stick (The Princess and the Frog, 2009)

Middle Row (from left to right)

  • Queen of Hearts with wide skirt, crown, and scepter of hearts (Alice in Wonderland, 1951)
  • Princess Aurora with crown and owl (The Sleeping Beauty, 1959)
  • Mulan with sword and the cricket, Cri-Kee printed on what seems to be a 1×1 brick (Mulan, 1998)
  • Ernesto de la Cruz with guitar (Coco, 2017)
  • Miguel with guitar and dog Dante (Coco, 2017)
  • Pocahontas with 1×1 round tile with compass print and leaves (Pocahontas, 1995)

Bottom Row (from left to right)

It’s kind of surprising, that we’ve already got an Evil Queen minifigure in the CMF series, but there’s no official Snow White LEGO minifigure to be found. The folks over at The Brick Show pointed this out, and I have to agree with them – it’s a bit of a bummer.

I’ve been waiting for LEGO to release a proper Snow White minifigure for what feels like forever. And now that they’re coming out with a new CMF series, I was really hoping that this would be the one where we’d finally get her. But alas, it seems like we’ll have to keep waiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited to see what other minifigures will be included in the series. But I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that Snow White didn’t make the cut. Maybe LEGO will release her in a future series? One can only hope. What do you think?

Nostalgic Disney100 Decades Collections Launches Today

The Walt Disney Company has unveiled a sneak peek of six brand-new Disney100 Decades Collections items. These new memorabilia will be the highlight of an upcoming merchandise launch that celebrates the company’s timeless classics. This exciting new collection series is aimed at commemorating and inaugurating the latest addition to the Disney product range.

Disney’s latest series, the Disney100 Decades 20s, has kicked off with its first collection, which pays tribute to the 1920s. This collection is a celebration of the beloved cartoon character who started it all, Mickey Mouse, and his iconic debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928.

The Disney100 Decades Collections will showcase each decade of Disney’s remarkable 100-year journey, featuring characters from the iconic movies and shows that have been a significant part of the company’s success. These collections will launch on the third Monday of every month this year, both online on shopDisney and in Disney Parks.

Disney Parks Blog gives us a sneak peek of 6 of its Disney100 Decades Collection that pays tribute to the animation that started it all. These nostalgic Steamboat Willie products are currently listed at – click on the following links to know more about these.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Ear Headband 

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Loungefly Mini Backpack

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie MagicBand+

Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie Pin

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Steamboat Willie Plush Set

Steamboat Willie Musical Boat

This is an exciting opportunity for Disney fans to relive their favorite moments from Disney’s rich history. Which of these Disney100 Decades Collections merchandise are you excited to pick up? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


Source: Disney Parks Blog

Disney’s Live-Action Version of Peter Pan & Wendy Gets a LEGO Treatment

Disney’s beloved 1953 animated classic Peter Pan is getting a live-action retelling with Peter Pan & Wendy, set to be released on Disney+ later this year. The movie introduces Wendy Darling, a young girl who dreams of adventure and meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Along with her brothers and the mischievous fairy, Tinker Bell, Wendy is whisked away to the magical world of Neverland, where she battles the notorious pirate captain, Captain Hook, and discovers the true meaning of courage and friendship. If that sounds too magical to be true, then you might be glad to hear that LEGO will offer a building set centered around this upcoming movie as well.

According to a report from The Brick Show, LEGO may have given us a glimpse of a tie-in set to celebrate the release of Peter Pan & Wendy. The LEGO Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook Adventure (43220) is a 111-piece building set that also doubles as a kind of brick-built pop-up book. These first product images are credited to German LEGO retailer Lucky Bricks, who have already listed the said set on their home shopping website. This LEGO set is scheduled to be available for purchase starting March 1, 2023.

The LEGO set features the characters of Peter Pan, Wendy, and the iconic villain Captain Hook in their microdoll versions (a term LEGO uses for this new line of modified minifigures). Check out these images and have a closer look


The movie features a talented cast of up-and-coming young actors, including Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling. Molony is a British actor who has previously appeared in the BBC miniseries “The Reluctant Landlord”, while Anderson is the daughter of Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson and has made her acting debut in Black Widow as a younger version of the title character. In addition to Molony and Anderson, the movie stars Jude Law as the infamous Captain Hook, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, and Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Smee, Hook’s loyal first mate. Law is an accomplished actor with a long list of credits to his name, including “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, “Sherlock Holmes”, and “The Young Pope”, while Shahidi is best known for her role in the TV series “Black-ish” and its spinoff, “Grown-ish”.

Peter Pan and Wendy is expected to stream exclusively via Disney+ anytime this year, so be sure to keep your radars open.

List of Exhibitor Exclusive Items for 2019 Star Wars Celebration in Chicago

If you’re a “Star Wars” fans who has made arrangements to go to Chicago next week for the 2019 Star Wars Celebration, the event must be feeling so close now that one could almost taste it. For the collectors among the fans, the exclusive items to be had there are sure to be worthy additions.

While there are expected items: event-themed clothes and accessories, novelties, stationery and collectible trading pins abound during Star Wars Celebration, there’s also a particular set of stuff that’s so rare, they need to be awarded to attendees via lottery. These exclusive toys range from displayable, to poseable, to outright buildable.

Listed here are the exhibitor exclusive items that can be had for 2019 Star Wars Celebration:


  • Chrome Blue Pop! Figures
  1. 63 – Chewbacca
  2. 124 – Yoda
  3. 157 – Darth Vader
  4. 295 – Princess Leia
  5. 296 – Stormtrooper
  6. 297 – Boba Fett
  • New Figures
  1. 298 – Watto
  2. 299 – Darth Maul

Hasbro6-inch Black Series action figures, featured with special cardbacks

  1. Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi
  2. Darth Maul


  • LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Special set
  1. Darth Vader Bust (number 75227)

Disney World to Create Commemorative Bricks for to-be-Dismantled “Walk Around the World” Attraction, for Original Sponsors and Collectors

Sometimes there are ways to gain from a loss. Walt Disney World seems to think so with their plans for the personalized hexagonal decorative bricks at the Disney’s “Walk Around the World” attraction in Magic Kingdom theme park. These bricks were sponsored by guests when they were installed years ago, and while they’e being removed those sponsors will be able to claim commemorative replicas.

Disney World is thus opening Commemorative Brick Kiosks at Magic Kingdom as well as Disney Springs, to both facilitate old sponsors in redeeming commemorative versions of the Walk Around the World bricks, as well as to print blank bricks with customizable text for interested buyers.


Verified sponsors of Disney’s Walk Around the World bricks from years ago will be given a one-time-use voucher (or code if done online at with which to purchase a commemorative 6-inch hexagonal brick for $10 plus tax this spring.

Non-sponsors on the other hand can proceed to the Commemorative Brick Kiosks in Magic Kingdom’s Tommorowland Light & Power Co., or Disney Springs’ Marketplace Co-Op. There they’ll find a special digital printing service that’ll print blank commemorative bricks with their choice of logos, personalized names or special occasion and date.


It should be noted that collectors will have limited customization options compared to the Walk Around the World sponsors. Non-sponsor commemorative bricks can range from 6 inches at $29.99, 8 inches at $49.99, and the coming-soon ornament ($24.99), all with tax to be added. This opportunity for keeping a remembrance of “Walk Around the World” lasts only until August 31.

List of Licensed Toy Tie-Ins for MCU “Captain Marvel” from Diamond Select Toys

The release of a major blockbuster movie based on a “child-friendly” property like superheroes is bound to come with some tie-in merchandise. And if it’s from a powerhouse studio like Marvel Studios (under Disney), then you can expect many toy brands partnered up to bring quite the variety of products.

For instance, Captain Marvel which premieres March next year has just been announced to be having tie-ins coming out from Diamond Select Toys, the toy-making sister company of Diamond Comics Distributors. Thus far they have two products announced, but they sound quite impressive. Let’s put them in a nice list.


  • Marvel Movie Minimates: Captain Marvel Box – 2-inch DST “minimate” minifigures with articulated and exchangeable body parts; SRP $24.99 due to release in spring 2019
  1. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  2. Kree Soldier Att-Lass
  3. Kree Sniper Minn-Erva
  4. Skrull Agent Nuro
  • Marvel Select: Captain Marvel (Starforce Uniform) Action Figure – 7-inch fully articulated (16 points) action figure of Captain Marvel in her Kree Starforce uniform; facial likeness of Captain Marvel film lead actress Bree Larson; SRP $24.99 due to release in summer 2019

Captain Marvel arrives in cinemas just over a month before the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, late April 2019.

List of Designs for Disney “You Are Here” Souvenir Mugs from Starbucks on shopDisney

Certain Starbucks locations often have on offer a variety of “You Are Here” souvenir mugs for tourist customers, the better to commemorate having a Starbucks coffee when travelling. As Starbucks also has branches in Disney theme parks, it’s only natural that they have “You Are Here” mugs to sell there.

But! Now Disney fans who can’t make a trip to any park soon (and have a serving of Starbucks while they’re at it) can now order a Starbucks Disney mug online, at shopDisney no less. They now carry mugs for all Starbucks locations on both Disneyland and Disney World. Here’s what they have in store:

Disneyland Resort

  1. Disneyland Park
  2. Disney California Adventure

Walt Disney World

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
  3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  4. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

In addition to the actual drinking mugs, shopDisney also has Starbucks “You Are Here” mug ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. And while smaller, they can still be used for drinking if you want to. All the above have ornament variants except for Magic Kingdom. The mugs cost $16.99 on shopDisney while the ornaments are $12.99, so visit their website for details and online purchases.

List of Princesses Featured in “Disney Princess Enchanted Collection” Subscription Boxes at shopDisney

Subscription boxes have been one of the most convenient marketing strategies and product distribution methods ever devised to deliver merchandise for brands with niche customers. A lot of companies like vinyl figure manufacturer Funko are really into it. And Disney’s not going to be left behind with this popular gimmick.

Their online store shopDisney has recently launched the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection, promising subscription boxes for little girls filled with a magical merchandise experience themed around one particular Disney Princess per box in the series.

Available in regular and deluxe editions, each Disney Princes Enchanted Collection subscription box contains a video greeting from the featured Princess, one authentic princess costume from the Disney Store, a read-along storybook with CD, stickers and activity materials, and a Special Offer voucher for $10 off on a minimum $50 purchase either on Disney Stores or shopDisney itself. The deluxe box ups the number of extra Princess treats and activities.


The first subscription box for the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection, starring Belle from Beauty and the Beast, is now up for preorder at shopDisney, with a delivery date of December up to the 25th. Here’s a list of Princesses featuring in the series so far:

  1. Belle: Don’t judge a book by its cover (Beauty and the Beast)
  2. Moana: Find your own way
  3. Ariel: Explore new worlds (The Little Mermaid)
  4. Jasmine: See the good in others (Aladdin)
  5. Aurora: Always wonder what’s possible (Sleeping Beauty)
  6. Cinderella: Never give up

These subscription boxes are priced as low as $49.99 each ($79.99 deluxe) which includes shipping and handling costs.

List of Disney Storybooks from Little Golden Book Series that Have Backing Audio from Google Home Smart Speakers

In this day and age of bleeding-edge information tech, it’s easy to eventually forget about doing simple actions for children like reading them stories from a book. But the same smart home tech that’s phasing out that sort of activity can revitalize it into something magical. And leave it to Disney to demonstrate just how.

Disney along with Penguin Random House Publishing and Google has collaborated to create a new storytelling experience in conjunction with the Little Golden Book storybook series. New Little Golden Book releases adapting various Disney films can, when read by a storyteller in range of a Google Home smart speaker, will activate various audio cues in time with the tale’s events.

Here’s a list of fairly recent Little Golden Book Disney storybooks that have the appropriate audio backing on Google Home:

  1. The Three Little Pigs
  2. Cinderella
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Peter Pan
  5. Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship
  6. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (exclusive on Target)
  7. Toy Story 3
  8. Moana
  9. Coco
  10. Jack Jack Attack

So when reading, for example, the Disney’s Coco Little Golden Book, sound effects like strumming guitars will sound when certain passages are read. And when the teller pauses, background music from the film pipes up. Finally, Google Home can detect when the reader’s skipping scenes, automatically shifting audio to always match what’s happening in-story at present.

List of Other 90s Era Collectible Merchandise on shopDisney

If you thought those beautifully illustrated vinyl LPs of several Disney animated film soundtracks from the 1990s was all there was of shopDisney’s nostalgia trip, you haven’t seen anything yet. There’s a whole wave of Mouse House merchandise coming out that throws back towards the decade of the Disney Renaissance.

From clothing to accessories and various knickknacks, shopDisney’s determined to bring Disney fans back to the age of VHS and similar venerable old things with their appropriately themed merchandise. They can be found in Disney branded stores and of course online, and are decently priced for collectors who want to snag more than one item. Here’s a list of choices:

  1. Oh My Disney Flounder Novelty Cup ($14.95)
  2. Oh My Disney Ariel Women’s Leggings ($32.95 $24.99)
  3. A Goofy Movie Retro Lunch Box ($15.95)
  4. Disney Movie VHS Keychains ($5 each, 4 available designs but you won’t know which until opened!)
  5. Snow White Poisoned Apple Tumbler ($14.95)
  6. Beauty and the Beast Drinking Glasses – set of 4 ($19.95)
  7. Oh My Disney Hercules Mugs – set of 2 ($24.95)
  8. Aladdin Denim Women’s Jacket ($59.95)
  9. Hercules Pin Set – 4 pins ($16.95)
  10. Lion King Desk Clock ($16.95)
  11. Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug ($22.99) – thankfully not with a broken rim

And that’s merely the beginning. There’s a lot more 90s merchandise along with other eras of fine Disney animation to be found at shopDisney. Got get them now, or enjoy reminiscing at least.