List of Marvel Stud10s Emoji Pin Collection from Disney Movie Rewards

As we already know, Marvel Studios which created the massively popular Marvel Cinematic Universe turned ten years old this year. As part of its many celebratory promotions throughout 2018, the Disney Movie Rewards program is offering a series of collectible emoji pins crafted by 100% Soft, featuring the many major Marvel characters in the MCU.

These Marvel Studios commemorative pins come in four sets of four, totaling 12 in all. MCU fans who sign up for Disney Movie Rewards will have a chance to bring home one each of these pin sets, while supplies last.

The four Marvel Studios pin sets will be released gradually over time, with Set 1 already out now, and Set 2 for early January 2018. The MCU characters depicted are:

  • Set 1
  1. Ant-Man
  2. The Wasp
  3. Gamora
  4. Star-Lord
  • Set 2
  1. Iron Man
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. Hulk
  • Set 3
  1. Thor
  2. Rocket
  3. Black Panther
  4. Okoye
  • Set 4
  1. Captain America
  2. Falcon
  3. Black Widow
  4. Winter Soldier

Initial List of “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” Adventure Figures from Hasbro

While we’ve been introduced here to Star Wars: Forces of Destiny as a Lucasfilm Animation web series, that has also seen airplay on Disney’s cable channels, the concept is actually far-ranging and involves print media and toys. Hasbro in particular has launched a line of “Adventure Figures” in August 27.

Said adventure figures have the articulation of action figures, but also garbed in real-fabric clothing like dolls, as befits the mostly-female lineup of Star Wars characters in Forces of Destiny. We’ve got a list of the first several figures released for the line last year, with many to come later.

  1. Princess Leia (as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) with droid R2-D2
  2. Rey (as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
  3. Jyn Erso (as seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)
  4. Sabine Wren (as seen in Star Wars Rebels)
  5. Rey (as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi) with droid BB-8
  6. Chewbacca (as seen in the Star Wars original trilogy)
  7. Ahsoka Tano (as seen in Star Wars: Clone Wars)
  8. Padme Amidala (as seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones)
  9. Luke Skywalker (as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) with Yoda
  10. Princess Leia (as seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) with Wickett
  11. Princess Leia Platinum Edition (as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope) with droid R2-D2
  12. Rey and Kylo Ren 2-pack (as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Disney Singing Fun and Laughs with Hasbro’s “Disney Song Challenge” Party Game

When Walt Disney’s “Animated Canon” of feature-length films is brought up, almost always the discussion would bring up the songs. The earliest movies made by Disney himself were patterned after the popular genre of musicals after all, and the appeal never quite went away where later animated films are concerned.

It’s these song numbers, from the classic “Someday My Prince Will Come” to today’s Broadway-esque belters like “Let It Go”, that are the subject of a new Disney-themed party game from Hasbro. It’s the “Disney Song Challenge”, a hilarious way for you and your friends to channel your inner Disney-warbler.

The entire setup for “Disney Song Challenge” comprises a deck of cards and a special roulette. You and your friends then flip the top card of the deck, showing either a Disney movie or TV show with musical numbers. The players then try to be first to sing a song from said film or show.

If a player successfully sings a song from the Disney media shown in the card, they win it. If the player goofs the lyrics however, he must then spin the “Wheel of Fun-sequences” that’ll state what he must do until the next player starts singing.

The “Disney Song Challenge” is all full of references to not only the Disney Canon but its other music-filled productions. The deck has 90 cards’ worth of musical films and TV shows while the Fun-sequences are fun references to these same media. The first player to win five cards from successfully singing their numbers wins.

It’s a party game that challenges your depths of Disney musical knowledge while being rib-tickling fun. Hasbro’s “Disney Song Challenge” is already online at the very least, priced at US$19.99 or £29.99 in Amazon. It’s recommended for 3 or more players, ages 10 and up.

“Solo” Toy Merch Reveals Unused Design for Star Destroyer as New Imperial Ship

In the Star Wars films done by Lucasfilm under the Disney umbrella, some old discarded ideas have found new life. The X-Wing fighters used by the Resistance in The Force Awakens for example, were supposed to be the original concept drawing passed over for the look in the original trilogy.

With the second Star Wars Story movie Solo, coming this May, another recycled mechanical design from the days of Lucasfilm under George Lucas is about to see the light. This was supposedly revealed through the product preview of some Solo tie-in merchandise at the soon-to-conclude 2018 New York Toy Fair.

These Solo: A Star Wars Story toys are from Mattel, which is manufacturing them under their Hot Wheels toy line. One of them is a dead ringer for a design submitted by Colin Cantwell for a spaceship that would later become the Imperial Star Destroyer. His design drawing appears below.

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The creation of the #Stardestroyer – I asked George about the scenes. We had a few words in which he described the scenes. I then asked "Is it bigger than Burbank?" to determine the size of the Imperial Cruiser and the opening scenes of the movie. The hatch concept was developed in terms of the need of actual scenes later in the movie. In the opeing I was describing something WWII-ish of a concept with a gunner in the fuscelage. The ship was designed with a lot of thought on what the viewer would experience related to the massiveness of the ship. This involved thinking of things and creating relationships between all of the ships and their interactions with each other. George and I also discussed several other topics in which I asked qualifying questions. This gave me enough information to start designing the ships. It also gave him the information to continue with his work. I was separate from George for most of that time and worked on the final products alone. I started by creating what had to be in the middle and things were added on and so forth. I basically designed this ship and other ships around the function and the impact of the ship on the viewer. The sequence of function and the emotion and it had to feel like it was already there. When starting on a ship, I never did know what it would look like by the end. PS – those fighters in the concept illustration were the original imperial attack ships. I didn't create the #TIE until much later. See the other concepts at

A post shared by Colin Cantwell (@colin_cantwell) on

As seen in the illustration, while the general planes and contours of the pitch and the final appearance in the films is pretty close, this Cantwell design looks more like a space aircraft carrier than a battleship, with its open launch ports opposed to the Star Destroyers’ underside deployment bays.

The small fighter craft in the illustration are also another interesting element. They were supposed to be the Imperial star-fighters before the now-iconic TIE Fighter was finalized. The designs were later revamped into the Rebel Alliance’s A-Wing fighters. The Cantwell ship is now called the “Arrestor Cruiser” as of Solo.

Aside from the arrestor cruiser, another Solo toy from Mattel is the Imperial Hauler, a transport ship that can dock with the Conveyex, the high-speed train seen in the film’s trailer. Together these two vessels make for a great expansion of the Star Wars galaxy in Solo, premiering May 25.


Funko has joined in the fan craze at Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) at the Washington State Convention Center, which started last April 7 and will conclude this Saturday, April 10. During their Panel presentation entitled ‘From Springs to Vinyl Things’, Funko shared what’s in store for fans in the very near future. A tweet from Nerd Fu showed an exclusive first look at Funko’s upcoming line of collectible bobble heads called “Wobblers” as revealed by Funko’s ace designers.

Featuring the several classic and new iconic characters from the Star Wars saga, Funko’s first batch of Wobblers includes Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Rey, and Kylo Ren (without his helmet). These new vinyl offerings from Funko have noticeable taller bodies and same Pop! styled heads, but with different eyes.


A release date has not been mentioned on these Funko! Wobblers as the final product are still subject to licensing. On a similar note from the galaxy far, far away, Funko just tweeted their latest promo of giving away an exclusive ECCC, highly collectible Green Stormtrooper Hikari figure. Only 100 of these figures are made available by Funko to celebrate this year’s Emerald City ComicCon.

Funko also set up booths at ECCC this Saturday where fans can have their favorite Funko Pop! figures signed by the cool artists who designed them. Here’s their ECCC schedule for April 9.

Saturday, April 9th

12-1pm: Artist Signing

Powered By Funko Booth #1202

  • Ben Butcher (Guardians of the Galaxy comic cover)
  • Shanna Duncan (Thor comic cover)
  • Amos Maldonado (Thor comic cover, Thor Pop!, BvS Pop! & Dorbz)
  • Mike Martin (Hulkbuster Pop!, MCC patches & pins)
  • Reis O’Brien (Deadpool comic cover, Star Wars Pop!s)

3-5pm: Artist Signing

Funko Booth #1302

  • Ben Butcher (Disney, Fabrikations)
  • Greg Ham (new Funko designer!)
  • Nnenna Ijiomah (Harry Potter, Dancing Groot, Doctor Who, Sesame Street)
  • Eddie Irizarry (new Funko designer!)
  • Mike Martin (Civil War, Age of Ultron, Deadpool, Fallout, Pop! Rides)
  • Reis O’Brien (Arkham, Horror & Walking Dead Mystery Minis, Star Wars)

While you’re at this, be sure to check out the latest, limited edition Funko Plumeria Stitch figure due to be out on July. Wildcard Toys have listed it for pre-order so be sure to grab yours early since Funko has only 500 of these manufactured.

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Plumeria, Alien Green Stitch Hikari Figures Coming in July

Funko just announced their Plumeria and Alien Green Stitch Hikari figures which will be released in July. Both have a limited production run of 500 units.

You can pre-order the Plumeria Stitch figure at Wildcard Toys for $34.99. You also see the original Stitch Hikari figure listed their for the same price.

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The Alien Green Stitch is a CJS Dubia exclusive.
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