Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Nasty Bouillabaisse

In Disney Dreamlight Valley to make the Nasty Bouillabaisse in the  Forgotten Memories: Friendship quest, you’ll need the following five ingredients :

  • Rotten Tomato
  • Rotten Clam x2
  • Rotten Carrot
  • Exquisite Shrimp

Once you have all five items, take them to the campfire near Goofy to cook! You can then give Goofy the meal and he will provide feedback on its quality.

Where to Find Nasty Bouillabaisse Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Find a Rotten clam

Leave the fenced backyard of Goofy’s house and look behind the fence, you will see a large pond. Right next to the pond is the first rotten clam field.

You can find the second clam by going to the small pond on the map. This is right beside where you entered the realm, off to the left of Goofy’s House and Mickey. It is sitting right beside the rocks on the side of the pond.

How To Find a Rotten Carrot

To get the rotten carrot, go to Goofy’s house to the right of the entrance. Go inside the fenced area and walk to the backyard. Underneath the back windows, you’ll see a rotten carrot lying on the ground.

How To Find a Rotten Tomato

To the left and back of the map you will seea street lamp and  a few crates. Go there to find rotten tomatoes.


Disney Dreamlight Valley wiki :

Developer(s) Gameloft Montreal
Publisher(s) Gameloft
Engine Unity
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
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  • macOS
Release 2023
Genre(s) Life simulation, adventure