Discover the Enchanting Peppermint Tea Recipe and Questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Peppermint Tea is a delightful 2-star appetizer in Disney Dreamlight Valley, introduced in the game’s fifth update, ‘The Remembering.’ This article provides a comprehensive guide on unlocking the recipe, gathering the required ingredients, and crafting this refreshing beverage.

Unlocking the Peppermint Tea Recipe

To unlock the Peppermint Tea recipe, players must embark on the ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops’ quest, which becomes available after reaching Friendship Level seven with the Fairy Godmother. Interacting with the Fairy Godmother, completing her Friendship Quests, and offering gifts are effective methods for quickly boosting friendship levels.

Gathering Ingredients

Creating Peppermint Tea necessitates two primary ingredients:

  • Lemon x1
  • Mint x1

Lemons can be found on trees in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust, providing three lemons per tree. Mint grows in the Frosted Heights, a biome that may require unlocking by investing 10,000 Dreamlight to clear the Night Thorns surrounding it.

Peppermint Tea disney dreamlight valley

Crafting Peppermint Tea

To craft Peppermint Tea, combine one lemon and one mint on a stove. If you possess a player house, you can locate a stove there; alternatively, Chez Remy also houses a stove. Once the tea is prepared, deliver it to Minnie Mouse by following her character icon on the main map, in case you encounter difficulty locating her.

Once you have crafted Peppermint Tea at least once, you can streamline the process. While cooking, access the ‘Recipes’ option from the top left-hand corner and select the Peppermint Tea recipe. By pressing ‘Autofill,’ the required ingredients will be automatically added to the pot, provided you have them in your inventory. This time-saving feature ensures a smooth cooking experience.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Peppermint Tea stands as a delightful beverage that contributes to various quests, challenges, and culinary endeavors. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can unlock the recipe, gather the necessary ingredients, and create this refreshing tea.