Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to get Green Potato & Purple Potato

If you’re looking for a detailed walkthrough on how to find the Green Potato and the Red Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ve come to the right place.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to get Green Potato & Purple Potato

Finding the Green Potato

disney dreamlight valley potato

To begin, you must seek out 16 emerald bottles scattered throughout Dreamlight Valley. These bottles can be found in the water and must be recovered using skilled fishing techniques. As a sign of success, look for an orange fishing circle rather than the usual white circle.

Once you’ve collected all 16 bottles, use your inventory to turn them into emerald slivers. Proceed to a crafting station and use your newly acquired emerald slivers to create a Jade Crystal, which is required in the quest for the green potato.

Now, travel through the Sunlit Plateau until you reach Vitalys Mines. Navigate through the mine’s intricate corridors until you reach a left-hand entrance that leads to the secret room.

A table with a crystal ball awaits you inside the secret room. Interact with the crystal ball using your Jade Crystal, which will reward you with green seeds. Keep these seeds safe because they are required for the growth of the green potato.

Once you have those seeds, leave Vitalys Mines and travel to the Forgotten Lands, where you will plant the green seeds and patiently wait for the crop to grow. Alternatively, use the Miracle Growth Elixir to hasten the growth process.

Finding the Purple Potato

To obtain the elusive purple potato, one must venture into the mystical Frosted Heights. After gaining access to Frosted Heights and unlocking the Secret Chamber, a magnificent purple portal will reveal itself.

Approach the portal and interact with it, but be prepared for a challenge. You’ll be presented with a series of text boxes containing different words, along with the option to back away. Your task is to select the correct word from each list to unlock the potato’s location.

Listed below are the correct words for the purple potato portal puzzle:

  • Book
  • Crystal
  • Dreams
  • Foraging
  • Fugu
  • Higitus Figitus!
  • Magic
  • Potato
  • Raspberry
  • The Forgetting

Once you have chosen the final word, the purple potato will materialize on the ground before you. Ensure that your inventory has sufficient space to accommodate this coveted item.

The green and purple potatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley have sparked a frenzy of speculation and investigation within the community. By following the steps outlined in this guide, adventurers can obtain both the green and purple potatoes. Stay vigilant for future updates that may shed light on the hidden mysteries and quests these potatoes hold.


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