Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to unlock Fairy Godmother and put out green fires

Discover how to unlock the Fairy Godmother and extinguish the green fires in Disney Dreamlight Valley through this comprehensive guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to unlock Fairy Godmother

With the Fairy Godmother’s introduction, fans of the game are eager to know how to unlock her and where to find her. If you’re determined to have this magical character in your Valley, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve just that.

Progress through the story

To begin your journey towards unlocking the Fairy Godmother, ensure that you have made significant progress in the game’s storyline. You must have successfully unlocked the Forgotten Lands, an essential prerequisite for encountering the Fairy Godmother.

Seek out the Pumpkin House

Once you have unlocked the Forgotten Lands, make your way to the Pumpkin house nestled within this magical biome. Thanks to The Remembering update, the previously mysterious pumpkin house is now accessible, just like any other home in the valley.

Discover the Fairy Godmother

Disney Dreamlight Valley fairy godmother

Inside the Pumpkin house, you will discover the Fairy Godmother awaiting your arrival. However, it’s important to note that you can’t simply unlock her immediately upon finding her. You’ll need to embark on the “Miracles Take Time” quest, a captivating adventure that explores your encounter with The Forgotten and unravels the secrets surrounding this enigmatic character.

Increase friendship level

Once you have successfully completed the “Miracles Take Time” quest, you’re one step closer to unlocking the Fairy Godmother as a companion. To achieve this, we recommend presenting her with flowers found throughout the world of aDreamlight Valley. Offering three flowers will raise her Friendship Level to two, allowing you to select her specific role. In our case, we chose Gardening since she resides in a pumpkin!

Invite her to hang out

After raising the Fairy Godmother’s Friendship Level, speak with her once more and extend an invitation to hang out. With a simple conversation, you will solidify your connection with this legendary character and unlock her full potential within your valley.

Disney Dreamlight Vaylley Guide – How to put out green fires

As you explore the enchanting Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may have noticed the presence of bothersome green flames that cover the landscape. These flames can pose a challenge when it comes to placing items in the biome, leaving you eager to find a way to extinguish them.

Here you will find all the steps necessary to extinguish the green flames plaguing the Forgotten Lands.

The first step in your quest to extinguish the green fire is to unlock the Fairy Godmother character and raise her friendship level to 2.

Once you have the Fairy Godmother at friendship level 2, speak to her to initiate the “Fire Alarm” quest. This quest will set you on the path to extinguishing the green flames.

In order to complete the “Fire Alarm” quest, you’ll need to gather the following items:

  • Dream Shard x5: Can be acquired by either digging sparkling spots located throughout the entire map or by removing Night Thorns.
  • Empty Vial x1: Craft this useful item by combining three pieces of Glass.
  • Purple Impatiens x5: Can be found exclusively in the Forgotten Lands area of the game.
  • Snowball x15: To gather these icy spheres, you’ll need to dig them up in the snowy landscapes of Frosted Heights.
  • Tourmaline x3: Can be obtained by mining in either the Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights biomes.

Once you have acquired all the required items, craft the Icy Enchantment using the materials you gathered.

Activate the Icy Enchantment from your inventory. Now, armed with the power to combat the green fire, use your Watering Can on the flames scattered throughout the Forgotten Lands. With each use, the green fire will be gradually cleansed.

By following these instructions, you can now embark on an exciting adventure to discover the Fairy Godmother and enjoy a flame-free environment in the Forgotten Lands. With these new additions to your gameplay, may your journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley be filled with enchantment and joy. Happy gaming!