More Episodes of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” Web-Series

The Galaxy Far, Far Away that is the setting for the “Star Wars” franchise has always been full of adventures. That’s pretty much been the selling point of “Galaxy of Adventures,” an online micro-series on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. The show renders iconic scenes from the films in an intensely vibrant anime-like style.

When the micro-series launched on December last year, there were a good number of episodes. Since then, more vignettes in “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” have been added. Now we will list these new additions for the fans’ quick reference:

  1. Princess Leia vs. Darth Vader – A Fearless Leader
  2. Luke vs. the Death Star – X-Wing Assault
  3. Han Solo – Galaxy’s Best Smuggler
  4. Chewie vs. Holochess – Let the Wookiee Win
  5. Luke vs. Emperor Palpatine – Rise to Evil
  6. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader – Join Me
  7. Yoda vs. Count Dooku – Size Matters Not
  8. Princess Leia – The Rescue
  9. Stormtroopers vs. Rebels – Soldiers of the Galactic Empire
  10. Luke Skywalker – Lightsaber Training
  11. Han Solo – Captain of the Millennium Falcon
  12. Han Solo – Taking Flight for His Friends
  13. R2-D2 and C-3PO – Trash Compactor Rescue
  14. Yoda – The Jedi Master
  15. Luke vs. Imperial Walkers – Commander on Hoth
  16. Darth Vader vs. The Rebel Fleet – Fearsome Fighter Pilot
  17. Han Solo vs. The Space Slug – The Escape Artist
  18. R2-D2 – A Pilot’s Best Friend
  19. Princess Leia – An Unexpected Friend
  20. Leia and Han – The Han Rescue

New episodes come roughly weekly on Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.