List of First-Release Episodes of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” Web Shorts

As we mentioned last week, the animated short series Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures premiered last Friday, November 30 as part of the Star Wars Kids channel on YouTube. As expected, it interprets scenes depicted or hinted at from the original live-action movies in a new vibrant and animated style.

Variably introduced or not by a short narration, each episode from the first release wave of Galaxy of Adventures follows a key character from the franchise, on one pivotal scene or more, to better showcase his personality to younger audiences, especially those still fairly new to the Star Wars saga.

While the episodes of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel are region-locked to North America only, they can also be viewed on certain YT channels of regional Disney XD such as the UK version. Here’s an initial list of episodes found there thus far:

  1. R2-D2A Loyal Droid
  2. Darth VaderPower of the Dark Side
  3. ChewbaccaThe Trusty Co-Pilot
  4. Luke SkywalkerThe Journey Begins
  5. Luke vs. the WampaCavern Escape
  6. Darth VaderMight of the Empire