Common List of Banned Items at Disney Theme Parks

Last year we had a feature regarding how staffers at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom are upset at certain guests who come to scatter the ashes of their departed relatives in the grounds. It’s due to hygienic issues and other factors that this persistent practice by imprudent visitors is criminalized within the Disney World complex.

Still, cremated remains aren’t the only things that Disney staff is cracking down on in theme parks. Mashable has recently published a list of stuff that can’t be brought into a Disney theme park. Yes, cremains are included in the list; now here’s the rest:

  1. Portable folding chairs – because they take up space; theme park staff will at least allow mobility aids like wheelchairs (naturally) and walker frames
  2. Drones – for safety considerations as they could land or fall on somebody; this category also includes remote-controlled flying toys like model planes and helicopters
  3. Wheeled conveyances – no roller skates/blades, trolley suitcases and bicycles; even toy wagons aren’t allowed
  4. Pogo sticks – since motion on one can be somewhat unpredictable and could result in pedestrian collisions; leave the bouncing to Tigger inside a Disney theme park
  5. Wrapped items – Disney theme parks are not the place to present a gift-wrapped item to your special person; you can’t bring them inside because security needs to be able to see inside all packages
  6. Selfie sticks – best to remove a potential item you could poke someone else with when inside a Disney theme park; if you must do a selfie it can only be with your own hand

While Disney World and the various Disneyland resorts in Anaheim, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai are promoted as the places where dreams come true, for the safety and security of all guests you can’t just carry anything past their gates. Rules must be followed.