List of Locations in Magic Kingdom, WDW Where People Like to Leave the Ashes of their Departed

Now we know that October 31 – Halloween 2018 – is coming up real fast, and there’s sure to be lots of fun at Walt Disney World in light of that; but this particular story is more fitting perhaps to be related to the following day, November 1 or All Saints Day.

Apparently some families take the figurative speech of wanting to stay forever in a Disney theme park too literally, in that they’ve attempted several times in the past to scatter the ashes of the departed  on the grounds of Disney World. It happens so often that WDW staff have a reporting code for such situations.

Though it’s rather macabre, we’re going to list what locations in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom are the favored “dumping grounds” of ashes by bereaved relatives.

  1. Haunted Mansionthe “top” location for ash scattering cremated remains according to WDW staff
  2. It’s a Small World
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean – considering one theme of the movie franchise spinoff is living forever in various different means, it’s a shoo-in; the same goes for water rides
  4. Flower beds – easy access as they’re not barred behind tickets
  5. Entrance areas – to “commemorate” the departed relative having gone inside Disney World in the past

Now, while all that’s kind of heartwarming from a certain point of view, scattering ashes inside Walt Disney World is not only prohibited, there’s an actual law against it too. That hasn’t stopped determined people from smuggling cremains in innocuous containers through security in order to do final sendoffs.

Still, hopefully would-be ash carriers can understand why Disney staff doesn’t appreciate these gestures. And besides, once cremains have been detected in Magic Kingdom premises they get worked over by vacuums anyway, so the subterfuge is a waste and the ashes of lost loved ones don’t stay forever after all.

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