Carol Danvers and a List of Marvel Comics Characters to Use the Name “Ms. Marvel”

There are just over two weeks left before Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel,” starring Brie Larson, arrives in cinemas. At last viewers will get to see the origins of the one that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury seemed to believe will be a trump card to help the decimated Avengers and other heroes in fighting Thanos.

While the film has yet to premiere, Larson has already talked about what possible directions any sequel featuring her character Carol Danvers may take in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her movie storyline after all is an extreme condensation of the character’s decades-long publishing history in Marvel Comics, where her first superhero identity was “Ms. Marvel.”

To that end she hopes that, while her version of Carol immediately takes up the “Captain Marvel” mantle in film, a potential follow-up might introduce Ms. Marvel as an ally, particularly the latest in the line of Marvel Comics characters to style themselves as such, similar to “Captain Marvel” also.

For curiosity’s sake, we’ve compiled a list of characters in Marvel Comics who were in costume as Ms. Marvel, starting from Carol Danvers and onward:


  • Carol Danvers (became Ms. Marvel in 1977) – gained Kree powers from the first Captain Marvel via a “psyche-magnetron”; alternatively called herself Warbird and Binary in some occasions, but was the most prominent Ms. Marvel until becoming the sixth Captain Marvel in 2012; her superhero name using the abbreviation for “Miss” (Ms.) was a reference to the feminist movement, something Carol was a prominent supporter of


  • Sharon Ventura (1985) – a female professional wrestler who gained superhuman strength and endurance from Power Broker to participate in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF); became an ally of the Fantastic Four and girlfriend of The Thing; later mutated by cosmic radiation into a female Thing (She-Thing); eventually regained her human form but has been out of the limelight since


  • Karla Sofen (became Ms. Marvel in 2009) – a psychologist and manipulative sociopath that became the second supervillain to take the title Moonstone; a member of the Masters of Evil and the false hero team Thunderbolts (as Meteorite); took the Ms. Marvel moniker as a member of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers following Carol’s supposed death, but relinquished it after being defeated by a revived Danvers


  • Kamala Khan (2013) – the fourth, current, and readership-popular Ms. Marvel in the comic books; a teenage American Muslim girl from a Pakistani immigrant family living in Jersey City, Kamala has Inhuman ancestry, causing her to be affected by Terrigen Mist, awakening her powers of shape-altering allowing her to expand or shrink all or part of her body; has teamed up with her idol Carol Danvers, and even joined the Avengers as well as the new Champions; she is the character Brie Larson wants to join a future “Captain marvel” MCU sequel; one of Kamala’s creators, G. Willow Wison, approves:

“Captain Marvel” premieres March 8.

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