List of Characters Called “Captain Marvel” in the Comics, Aside from Carol Danvers

The first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 2019 is arriving in March, and it will serve as a new franchise storyline prequel tying into the ongoing arc that will culminate in “Avengers: Endgame” just the month after. This is “Captain Marvel” starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, a human air force pilot who receives alien super-powers and becomes a cosmic champion bearing the name of the comic-book label.

While in the adaptation of the character into the MCU makes her the first character to be styled as “Captain Marvel,” in the original Marvel Comics the name becomes a legacy title, with multiple characters having assumed it since the original – a male alien – appeared in Marvel Comics on 1967. In anticipation for the release of “Captain Marvel” on the MCU, we’ll list the various Captains that have appeared in the main Marvel comic-book timeline:

Captains Marvel


  • Mar-Vell (1967) – an actual militia captain of the extraterrestrial Kree Empire, he original went to Earth on a mission to assess its space programs and determine if they would threaten Kree galactic interests; his disillusionment with his superiors cause him to defect and become protector of Earth; notable for his storyline ending in 1980 when the character died of cancer; he knew Carol Danvers from his Earthling cover identity; despite studio secrecy, fans theorize that Jude Law’s character in the movie his Mar-Vell


  • Monica Rambeau (1982) – a New Orleans police officer (harbor patrol) that gained powers from exposure to an extra-dimensional weapon’s energy discharge; she is actually the first female Captain Marvel in the comics and was also a member/leader of the Avengers


  • Genis-Vell (1993) – a clone son of Mar-Vell engineered through gene material of him and his lover Elysius; like his father he died, but was later resurrected and then “killed” again


  • Phylla-Vell (2004) – willed into existence by one instance of Genis-Vell altering the main Marvel universe; presented as Genis’ “sister” created in the same manner as him; as the fourth Captain Marvel (and the second female, comics-wise) she was a member of the comic-book Guardians of the Galaxy and was later killed by Thanos


  • Khn’nr (2007) – actually an infiltration agent of the Skrull Empire, locked into the appearance and (imitation) powers of Mar-Vell; he explains himself as having come to be through hi-jinks in the spacetime continuum from when the original Mar-Vell was alive; later embraced his implanted memories as the real ones and fought against his fellow Skrulls during the Secret Invasion, and was killed


  • Noh-Varr (2000) – a Kree space sailor from an alternate dimension that was stranded in the main Marvel universe; alternately ally then enemy of Earth, he is inspired by a dying Khn’nr to become its protector and assume the Captain Marvel identity
  • Carol Danvers (1968) – a human and US Air Force officer first introduced as the security chief of a classified missile base; she becomes Mar-Vell’s major Earth ally and accidentally gets her genetic structure melded with his in the explosion of an alien “psyche-magnetron” device; with her super-powers she becomes the first Ms. Marvel, carrying that identity for most of her career until deciding to style herself as Captain Marvel in a 2012 Marvel Comics storyline

“Captain Marvel” premieres March 8.