List of Official Disney Voices for “Cinderella” Over the Years

Following Snow White some time ago, we will now produce a list of official voice actresses for the next Disney Princess to appear in the Animated Canon, and is perhaps a bigger profile for the franchise than Snow White is. We’re talking about the Princess with the glass slippers: Cinderella.

  1. Ilene Woods (original 1950 animated film)
  2. Jennifer Hale (since 2001’s Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, and the current regular voice)
  3. Karen Strassman (Mickey Mouse short series, 2013-present)
  4. Tami Tappan (singing voice in 2007’s Cinderella III:  A Twist in Time)
  5. Susan Stevens Logan (current studio singing voice)

We also include as extras the live-action actresses from the 2015 film adaptation.


  1. Lily James
  2. Eloise Webb (young Cinderella)