List of Official Disney Voices for “Snow White” Over the Years

The following is a list of all the actresses who gave voice to the first Disney Princess, Snow White. From being the main character in the first feature-length Disney animated film, to being one of the featured heroines in one of Disney’s most successful franchises, she’s come a long way.

  1. Adriana Caselotti (original 1937 film) – never credited in the movie itself, it wasn’t until later years that she was given due recognition for her Disney work; re-recorded her song “I’m Wishing” at age 75, for the 1990s refurbishment of “Snow White Grotto” at Disneyland
  2. Jane Powell (radio voice for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Screen Guild Theatre, 1944)
  3. Ilene Woods (1949 Snow White Disney audiobook) – also known as the original voice of Disney’s Cinderella
  4. Dorothy Warenskjold (radio role in 1953)
  5. Mary Kay Bergman (1989-1999)
  6. Carolyn Gardner (2000-2010)
  7. Melissa Disney (singing voice until 2011, start of role unknown)
  8. Katherine Von Till (current Snow White voice for Disney since 2011)

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