Current List of Episodes for Disney Web Series “As Told by Emoji” (Season 5)

And at long last, we’ve come to the last and latest part of the still ongoing Disney web series As Told by Emoji. Said series is now on its fifth season of online episodes on Disney’s Youtube channel, and that only started three months ago.

In fact, the most recent episode of As Told by Emoji is its third one which was put up four days ago as of this writing! It’s a rather short list to be true, but we’ll do it all the same. Without any further delay, here they are (for now).

  • Coco
  • A Day at Toy Story Land – not based on a film or any existing media, but rather an Emoji-fied experience of you and your family spending a day at Disney World; in fact, it’s a sequel with the family exploring Toy Story Land, soon to open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at WDW this June 30; sponsored by Pop Secret
  • The Incredibles

Speaking of Disney web series, there’s been a single-episode addition to Star Wars: Forces of Destiny from late last month. It coincided with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and features a character from there.

  • Triplecross” – Qi’ra, before the events of Solo, managing to escape from a team-up of Hondo and IG-88 by causing them to betray each other