List of Marvel TV Shows Sharing Continuity with the MCU

It was a notable experiment, when it was decided that the setting established by Marvel Studio’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) since 2008 be expanded to television. Marvel Television was formed in 2010 to explore these possibilities, leading to Agents of SHIELD on ABC, with myth connections established to MCU film events.

From there, several other MCU-based TV shows were developed, shown not only on the ABC network but other channels and platforms too. Now we are going to list all these shows depicting the adventures and struggles of other heroes out of frame from The Avengers and their high-profile movie “associates”.

ABC Series

  1. Agents of SHIELD (2013-present) –S5 ongoing
  2. Agent Carter (2015-2016) – 2 seasons, cancelled
  3. Inhumans (2017) – 1 season

Netflix Original Series

  1. Daredevil (2015-present) –S3 in production
  2. Jessica Jones (2015-2018) – 2 seasons
  3. Luke Cage (2016-2018) – S2 to premiere in June 2018
  4. Iron Fist (2017-present) – S2 in production
  5. The Defenders (2017) – 1 season
  6. The Punisher (2017) – 1 season; renewed for S2

Hulu Series

  1. Runaways (2017-2018) – 1 season; renewed for S2

Freeform Series

  1. Cloak and Daggerpremiering in June 2018

(Network Undetermined)

  1. New Warriorspremiering sometime in 2018