List of Marvel Characters at Feld Entertainment’s “Marvel Universe LIVE!” Stunt Show

Produced by Feld Entertainment, Marvel Universe LIVE! Is a live-action stunt spectacular that shows a wide variety of Marvel Comics Super Heroes taking on some big-name super-villains (and not just the ones appearing in the MCU either) to stop an existential threat to the world. Lots of awesome choreographed fight scenes, vehicle and wire stunt-work, and pyrotechnics ensue.

Here we have a list of all the Marvel characters who play a part on Marvel Universe LIVE! The spectacle starts off this year in Houston on July 12, travelling through many key locations. Avengers, Assemble!

Marvel Super Heroes

  1. Captain America
  2. The Incredible Hulk
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. Iron Man
  5. Thor
  6. Spider-Man
  7. Rocket (Raccoon)
  8. Drax (the Destroyer)
  9. Black Panther
  10. Star-Lord
  11. Groot
  12. Gamora
  13. Iron Fist
  14. Wasp
  15. Black Widow

Marvel Super Villains

  1. Rhino
  2. Green Goblin
  3. Black Cat
  4. The Lizard
  5. Loki
  6. Elektro
  7. Yondu Udonta
  8. Nebula

List of Hero Characters in Marvel Animation’s “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” (2018)

Marvel Animation is gearing up to release the animated feature-length film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors sometime this year. It’s part of the larger Marvel Rising franchise initiative looking to introduce a new spin on an animated Marvel Universe, but focused on the younger generation of superheroes on the original comics.

While no exact dates have been given yet for when Marvel Rising will kick off, we’ll instead leave you with this list of the various Marvel heroes that’ll be part of this film’s version of the Secret Warriors super-team. We’ll also include their respective voice talent plus relevant extra info.

  1. Dove Cameron as Gwen Stacy, aka Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider – based on an alternate-universe version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s late girlfriend, who got the spider-powers rather than her world’s version of Peter; this Gwen apparently still lives in this particular Marvel animated universe
  2. Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, aka Quake – Bennet already portrays Daisy/Quake, also named Skye, on the ABC live-action series Agents of SHIELD; but while there she’s already a young adult, here she’s much younger
  3. Tyler Posey as Dante Pertuz, aka Inferno – one of the first Inhuman descendants in the regular world to awaken his powers outside the Inhuman homeland of Attilan
  4. Kathreen Khavari as Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel – one of the most famous recent-generation Marvel characters in comics, a Pakistani-American high-schooler with Inhuman powers hailed as a positive representation of a devout Muslim in America
  5. Milana Vayntrub as Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl – another famous “young” Marvel hero, whose squirrel-like characteristics (teeth, tail) and ability to communicate with them is strong enough to fight (and beat!) high-profile super-villains like Doctor Doom
  6. Cierra Ramirez as “Ms.” America Chavez – the first Latina-American and LGBTQ character to headline an ongoing Marvel Comics title series than ran 2017-2018; comes from an alternate dimension with the power to travel across dimensions
  7. Kamil McFadden as Rayshaun Lucas, aka Patriot – the third Marvel hero to carry the name (the original during World War II and the previous – second – one being introduced only in 2005)

This time is mentored and led by veteran heroine and government agent Carol Danvers (Kim Raver), aka Captain Marvel (and formerly the original Ms. Marvel).

List of Marvel TV Shows Sharing Continuity with the MCU

It was a notable experiment, when it was decided that the setting established by Marvel Studio’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) since 2008 be expanded to television. Marvel Television was formed in 2010 to explore these possibilities, leading to Agents of SHIELD on ABC, with myth connections established to MCU film events.

From there, several other MCU-based TV shows were developed, shown not only on the ABC network but other channels and platforms too. Now we are going to list all these shows depicting the adventures and struggles of other heroes out of frame from The Avengers and their high-profile movie “associates”.

ABC Series

  1. Agents of SHIELD (2013-present) –S5 ongoing
  2. Agent Carter (2015-2016) – 2 seasons, cancelled
  3. Inhumans (2017) – 1 season

Netflix Original Series

  1. Daredevil (2015-present) –S3 in production
  2. Jessica Jones (2015-2018) – 2 seasons
  3. Luke Cage (2016-2018) – S2 to premiere in June 2018
  4. Iron Fist (2017-present) – S2 in production
  5. The Defenders (2017) – 1 season
  6. The Punisher (2017) – 1 season; renewed for S2

Hulu Series

  1. Runaways (2017-2018) – 1 season; renewed for S2

Freeform Series

  1. Cloak and Daggerpremiering in June 2018

(Network Undetermined)

  1. New Warriorspremiering sometime in 2018

Date of ESPN+ Streaming Service Launch Revealed

A lot has been already reported here about the still in-development streaming service options by Disney for its wide variety of program content. There is the entertainment service set to debut by 2019; then there is the sports counterpart tied to ESPN, which we now know when it will launch.

It was revealed on a Monday press release by Disney that ESPN+, the sports event streaming service will start operations next week, on April 12. The online platform and its library of live sports game streams, original programming and related content will be accessible to subscribers for $5 a month.

Despite what the announcement says however, there have been concerns about what sort of live sports events that ESPN+ will be able to offer for streaming subscribers. After all, most of the major sporting leagues have given streaming rights to major broadcasters already, leaving base ESPN with a reduced selection.

What ESPN+ does have to show is still rather formidable however. They have lined up over 180 Major League Baseball games for a regular season, guaranteeing one MLB game every day. The NHL will also be available in a similar scheme, plus games from Major League Soccer, PGA and more.

In addition, Chicago-area ESPN+ subscribers will get some extra home team support with the inclusion of in-market Chicago Fire matches within the MLS. Meanwhile, a $25 add-on will get subscribers an out-of-market packages. ESPN+ can be availed of via or the ESPN mobile app, which is being renovated.

The ESPN cable sports network has been part of the Disney umbrella since The Walt Disney Company acquired it in 1996. Its success or otherwise could have an impact on the 2019 launch of Disney’s family-oriented entertainment streaming service, which also includes viewing content from Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and Pixar.

“Lion King” Director Jon Favreau Doing Voice Cameo on “Solo”

Jon Favreau, director of Zathura, the first two Iron Man films, and the 2016 Disney live-action Jungle Book, is currently at work in the production of yet another adaptation of a Disney animated film, The Lion King set for 2019. But he’s also had time to appear in other productions.

It was easy to figure out which other movie Favreau is getting involved with through a look on Twitter. Earlier this month he tweeted a photo of himself with two major figures in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Those were director Ron Howard and longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

A week later Howard explained on Twitter that Favreau had dropped in on them to do his cameo role in Solo. Audiences aren’t going to “see” him on the film though, as he’s instead providing the voice for what Howard describes as a “cool and important” alien character.

That does sound exciting, and the Solo director had thanked Favreau for taking a break from his work with the Lion King remake to do a voiceover. When asked if he too would be voicing somebody in his own movie (he was the narrator of Arrested Development), Howard unfortunately said he wasn’t.

Now, fan theorists are having a blast trying to determine which of the various alien creatures seen in the teaser and trailer might be blessed, sort of, with Jon Favreau’s voice. Candidates range from a little four-armed spaceship pilot and a hairy apelike bounty hunter wearing a helmet.

Initially on the verge of being written off due to its troubled production, Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to be doing all it can to reassure fans that it’s sure to make it to theaters and will be good watching. We’ll find out soon enough with the premiere on May 25.

Comcast Planning to Revive Earlier Fox Bid in Competition with Disney

It’s been shaping up to be the mega-deal of a lifetime; not much can quite beat the currently ongoing bid by The Walt Disney Company to acquire several major media assets from Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. Should it pull through, The House of Mouse gets a humongous multimedia empire.

But now, recent developments have complicated the Disney-Fox negotiations. Sometime before The House of Mouse showed its hand at acquisition last December, Fox had earlier entertained another offer for their media assets from Comcast. It never got anywhere due to worries about antitrust charges, but now Comcast is apparently reconsidering.

This is an interesting situation here. The offer Disney made for the Fox assets runs to the amount of around $52.4 billion. But the earlier Comcast deal is actually much bigger, at almost $60 billion. Apparently they are now confident that a renewed bid will pass government litigation for antitrust.

At a glance, both Disney and Comcast are rather similar in circumstances. Going into their attempts to acquire 20th Century Fox, FX, Fox Sports and more, the two companies each already have a film studio (Disney Pictures/Universal), TV network (Disney Channel & XD/NBC), animation studio, and finally branded theme parks.

Regarding the edge one has over the other, Comcast may have the higher offer, but 21st Century Fox deciding to go with Disney’s acquisition to comes with the provision that members of the Murdoch family become major Disney shareholders. Rupert’s son James Murdoch could also get a top-level Disney position.

Following standard practice, the period given to finalize a Disney-Fox agreement would take about 18 months on average, with a proxy statement to be released by Fox on the merger for the approval of antitrust regulators. Disney CEO Bob Iger is staying on until 2021 to oversee the asset transfer.

Disney CEO Bob Iger “Encouraged” with Negotiations Regarding Fox Assets

On the last month of the year before, The Walt Disney Company stunned the world by announcing its intention to acquire 20th Century Fox and various other assets from the greater Fox media empire of Rupert Murdoch. It’s now close to two months since then. What’s been happening so far?

While negotiations between Disney and Fox continue apace, along with the efforts to make this deal pass muster against government regulations, the House of Mouse’s CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday on a CNBC interview that so far he has been “encouraged” by the progress of the pre-acquisition work thus far.

So what’s Disney been talking about with Fox from December 2017 to early this February? “We spent the last 6 weeks or so learning more about their businesses,” says Iger. He adds that the encouragement isn’t just with him, but also with the senior Fox executives they’ve been meeting with.

Again, for those who are excited about, say, having the X-Men film franchise of 20th Century Fox be “reunited” with Marvel Studios and the MCU, don’t hold your breaths yet. A mega-deal of this magnitude is going to take 12 months to a year and a half to be completed.

Then again, the excitement can be understandable. If the House of Mouse can pass the regulatory process hurdle with Fox on this, then the latter’s film studios, some TV networks and regional sports channels, and majority ownership stakes on several affiliated media companies like Hulu and Sky in the UK.

Disney’s latest quarterly earnings were announced on Tuesday, February 6. While expectations were surpassed, revenue numbers were a bit short. One other thing Iger can share is that if the company’s asset deal with Fox succeeds, then the House of Mouse won’t be repeating that acquisition stunt any time soon.

Amid X-Men=MCU Fusion Talks, Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Reminisces on Time as Assoc. Prod. for Fox’s “X-Men”

Ever since that fateful announcement that Disney is acquiring most of Fox’s media assets for film and television, fans of Marvel Comics in audiovisual form have waited with baited breath for one particular development: the fusion of the X-Men, whose movie rights have been exclusive to Fox, and the MCU.

While many voices, in particular fans of the X-Men who are at best ambivalent to the rest of the Marvel universe, comics or otherwise, would insist that having mutant superheroes joining up with non-mutant characters is not only prohibitively difficult but nigh-impossible. Better for them to remain separate, they’d say.

While Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios and the main creative force behind the MCU, agrees that there’s too much production backlog for an X-Men to other-Marvel team-up, he does have some ideas on what he’d like to see when the time finally comes for the two franchises to unite.

Feige might be on to something, considering that before heading Marvel Studios, he’d earlier worked on the first X-Men film by Fox in 2000, as associate producer. He’d been very candid in admitting that there’s one moment from the X-Men comics that he wanted for the movie, but didn’t materialize.

In one scene, the mutant villain Magneto (Ian McKellen) is confronted by armed police. He uses his magnetic powers to snatch all their firearms. Feige had wanted to replicate the comic-book sequence where Magneto disassembles a gun into all its components in midair. Unfortunately their CGI infrastructure couldn’t handle it.

Talking about his X-Men film production idea, Feige says, “So it was an amazing drawing and I had it up on my desk. And I went, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to do that?’ No. We couldn’t do that. We had wires that lifted up a shotgun and turned it around.”

In the end the movie scene had Magneto turn the guns around at the cops instead. Now that Disney is in the process of integrating their Fox acquisitions and with the bigger budget and tech available nowadays, perhaps Kevin Feige might get his chance several years from now. We’ll see.

Fortunately for Feige, he’d had success in other times he wanted a Marvel Comic shout-out to their MCU film versions. One example is the ending scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming when Aunt May sees Peter in costume, lifted from Amazing Spider-Man comic stories by John Romita Jr. and J. Michael Straczynski.

Disney Starts Work on “Oliver!” Remake, Gets Danny Strong as Screenwriter

You’d be amazed at how many ideas Disney conceptualizes to develop into new movies for production. Now it seems they’re gearing up for a remake of Oliver!, the 1968 musical film from Columbia Pictures based on the original Lionel Bart stage musical, itself based on Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist.

In this initial stage of planning the Oliver! remake, Disney is tapping somebody to write the script. For this they’re going to Danny Strong, screenwriter for Game Change and The Butler. He joins director Thomas Kail (Hamilton) and producers Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube, the latter also a cast member.

Oliver! and its source Dickens novel follows the life and misadventures of the orphan boy Oliver Twist, who escapes the cruel conditions of a Victorian-era workhouse and finds himself with a gang of street thieves his age, working for the miserly fence Fagin, who will be portrayed by Ice Cube.

The Oliver! theatre musical by Lionel Bart was first performed in 1960, and some of its songs became popular musical numbers: “Who Will Buy?,” “Consider Yourself” and “I’d Do Anything,” winning a 1963 Tony. The 1968 film version won five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Director (Carol Reed) and Soundtrack.

Disney’s remake of Oliver! is going for a major shakeup of the classic musical conventions, in particular employing an anachronistic cross-genre soundtrack. The fact that rapper Ice Cube is involved means there will be hip-hop. The project is being overseen by Disney Production EVP Tendo Nagenda. No premiere date yet.