List of Justice Ducks Members in “Darkwing Duck” on the Disney Afternoon

It’s too bad that apparently, it will not get a reboot following that of Ducktales in 2017, but the 1991 animated series Darkwing Duck, one of the pillars of the old Disney Afternoon syndicated block, remains one of the most fondly remembered cartoons of that time. It’s just so funny-awesome.

One of the most memorable multi-part story arcs in Darkwing Duck is “Just Us Justice Ducks”, which sees the formation of a team of super-powered crime fighters reluctantly led by Darkwing (who wants solo city-saving credit foremost) against the Fearsome Five, who have plunged St. Canard in a reign of terror.

Here we list the members of the Justice Ducks team:

  • Darkwing Duck – real name Drake Mallard; the “Terror that Flaps in the Night” who is the egotistic but little-appreciated defender of the city of St. Canard; he’d prefer to work solo in saving the day to get all the attention, but the Fearsome Five of Negaduck, Bushroot, Liquidator, Megavolt and Quackerjack leave him no choice but to team up with…
  • Gizmoduck – real name Fenton Crackshell; originally from Ducktales as Scrooge McDuck’s accountant and hometown superhero of Duckburg; occasionally helps Darkwing in fighting crime in St. Canard, though the latter resents his intrusion and more fabulous celebrity; they’re the “Batman-Superman” tandem of the Disney Afternoon
  • Morgana MacCawber – originally a sinister sorceress engaged in crime, she falls for Darkwing and reforms, becoming his girlfriend and the one super-ally he’s least likely to push away; potentially powerful in magic…if she can just remember which spell to use in specific situations
  • Neptunia – formerly a fish mutated by nuclear waste into a humanoid protector of the sea; can command sea creatures with a seashell horn, but can’t stay out of the water too long before drying out; gets roped into the Justice Ducks despite protesting that she’s NOT a duck
  • Stegmutt – a duck janitor who mad scientist Dr. Fossil transformed into a humanoid dinosaur; very innocent and childlike, he treats beating super-villains like a game; joins the Justice Ducks because he “used to be” a duck anyway

Also considered technically part of the Justice Ducks are Darkwing Duck’s default support teammates:

  • Launchpad McQuack – Darkwing’s driver and pilot, and the common link between him and Gizmoduck due to formerly working for Scrooge in Duckburg; book-dumb but well-meaning
  • Gosalyn Mallard – adopted daughter of Drake Mallard from the series’ 2-episode pilot; spirited and sometimes comes off as the sane man to Darkwing’s typical aggrandizement