List of Main Characters from “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears”

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears is considered as one of the earliest animated TV series produced by Disney in the 80s. Its success proved to Walt Disney TV Animation that their serialized approach worked, leading to them producing The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and pairing the two.

Gummi Bears ran 6 seasons (1985-1991), starting from NBC to ABC and having its last season as part of the Disney Afternoon syndicated block’s first-year lineup. Let’s remember this series with a list of the titular Gummi Bears, who gained super-bouncy-powers from “Gummi-berry Juice”, and their human friends of Dunwyn.

Gummi Bears of Gummi Glen – secret guardians of the world who watch over the humans until the time when man and Gummi Bear can co-exist again, signalling the time when their Great Gummi ancestors would return

  • Zummi – leader of the Gummi Glen bears, keeper of Gummi Wisdom in the Great Book of Gummi
  • Gruffi – practical-minded master Gummi artisan and tinkerer
  • Grammi – maternal figure of the bears of Gummi Glen and keeper of the Gummi-berry juice recipe
  • Tummi – the fattest Gummi and eldest of the group’s bear cubs, a gentle giant and multi-talented
  • Sunni – preteen Gummi who is the friendliest and most open to interacting with humans
  • Cubbi – youngest Gummi cub and bravest; wants to become a knight; friend to the Dunwyn boy Cavin
  • Gusto – distant Gummi Glen cousin with an artistic bent; joins in season 2
  • Chummi – last surviving Gummi Bear of the Gummerset group, stops at Gummi Glen in season 2 before departing to find the Great Gummis by airship

Kingdom of Dunwyn – a small medieval kingdom at war with Drekmore, ruled by the traitorous Dunwyn knight Duke Igthorn who commands an army of Ogres and allied with the witch Lady Bane; Igthorn and Bane are personal enemies of Gummi Glen as well while some of Dunwyn’s children, who believe that Gummi Bears are real and not fairy tales, become allies of the magical bears

  • Cavin – squire and pageboy to Sir Tuxford, knight of Dunwyn; his heirloom medallion from his grandfather is the Gummi medallion needed to open the Great Book of Gummi; meets the Gummi Bears in the first episode and becomes their first human ally, Cubbi is his best friend
  • Princess Calla – daughter and heir to King Gregor of Dunwyn, the second human ally of the Gummies after meeting them through Cavin, who has a crush on her; she in turn becomes best friends with Sunni