List of Main Characters in “Clan Manhattan” from Disney’s “Gargoyles”

Running from 1994 to 1997, Disney’s animated series Gargoyles was a surprisingly mature and action-packed hit show compared to many of its contemporaries in the Disney Afternoon syndicated block which it belonged to. This is thanks to the vibrant and developed personalities of its main characters, the titular living-stone Gargoyles.

The series focuses on a Gargoyle clan, formerly named after Castle Wyvern in Scotland, then renamed when the castle (and its resident Gargoyles) were transferred atop the Eyrie Building in Manhattan, New York City. Over the years the clan grew as it adjusted to its new world and time period.

Here is a list of the Gargoyles of Clan Manhattan, from its original roster to later additions, serving as the nighttime defenders of New York (and one, humanity’s greatest threat).

Original Wyvern Clan

  • Goliath – the clan leader; balances his clan’s welfare, protecting their new home, and finding new reasons for living
  • Hudson – former clan leader and now Goliath’s elder advisor
  • Brooklyn – second-in-command of the clan; brilliant tactician with street-smart skills; most of Clan Manhattan’s new arrivals come through a connection to him
  • Lexington – the smallest of the initial roster; becomes highly knowledgeable in modern tech
  • Broadway – stout and big-hearted; the clan’s pop-culture expert
  • Bronx – the dog-like Gargoyle who serves as their home’s watchdog
  • Demona – Goliath’s mate and mother of their child; her distrustful nature leads to a series of events that turn her into an immortal and bitter misanthrope, her ultimate dream being the extinction of mankind; one of the series’ most prominent main antagonists

Manhattan-era Additions

  • Angela – Goliath and Demona’s daughter; raised apart from them in the Avalon Clan; angelic like her name, she later becomes close to Broadway and may eventually become mates
  • Katana – a Japanese Gargoyle from the Ishimura Clan; later becomes Brooklyn’s mate and mother of their children
  • Nashville – called Gnash for short, son and firstborn of Brooklyn and Katana
  • Egwardo – second egg laid by Katana through Brooklyn; yet un-hatched when the series ended, though eventually hatched as a female according to Gargoyles co-creator Greg Weisman
  • Othello – deceased Wyvern Gargoyle resurrected as the magi-tech cyborg Gargoyle Coldstone, and rejoined Clan Manhattan as such
  • Desdemona – Othello’s mate, also deceased; resurrected as the magi-tech cyborg Gargoyle Coldfire, and rejoined Clan Manhattan as such
  • Elisa Maza – a human NYPD detective who became the Gargoyle’s first true friend and ally in the modern world; she and Goliath eventually fell in love despite their different natures, technically making her an honorary clan member