How to Unlock DreamSnaps Challenge & Recruit Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vanellope von Schweetz, the glitchiest princess in the land, has finally arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s how to bring her to your valley.

Where to Find Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To begin your journey to unlock Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your first task is to complete “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley” quest, assigned by Scrooge McDuck. He’s observed some mysterious occurrences in the Dream Castle and requires your investigative skills.

  1. Head to the Dream Castle within the game.
  2. Make your way to the top floor of the castle, where you’ll discover Vanellope.
  3. Unfortunately, Vanellope is experiencing glitches and seeks your help. She’ll request that you take photos of intriguing sights in the Valley.

This is where you’ll initiate the DreamSnaps challenge, a multiplayer feature that involves photography challenges for rewards, including Moonstones. Completing “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley” quest brings you one step closer to unlocking Vanellope.

Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust – Unlocking Vanellope

To officially welcome Vanellope into your Dreamlight Valley, you must complete her photo-related quest, “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.” This quest centers around participating in DreamSnaps, where you’ll tackle photography challenges. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access your menu and open the Events tab.
  2. Select ‘Current Challenge‘ under DreamSnaps.
  3. Review the current challenge and its requirements.
  4. Set up a scene in Dreamlight Valley that meets the challenge’s criteria and take a photo using the in-game Camera feature.
  5. Use the ‘Check DreamSnaps‘ button to verify that your photo meets the requirements.
  6. If it does, submit it!

For example, a current challenge might require:

  • 5x Playful Furniture
  • 5x Familiar Furniture

For bonus points, consider including items with ‘Modern’ and ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ tags.

Images via Gameloft

Once you’ve successfully submitted a DreamSnap, return to Vanellope at the Dream Castle and engage in a conversation with her. This interaction is crucial, as it unlocks Vanellope’s house, which you’ll need to place somewhere in the valley using the Furniture menu.

Building Vanellope’s home will require 4,000 Star Coins. Once that’s taken care of, Vanellope will be all set to move into your Dreamlight Valley. Acquiring this new neighbor is a delightful and rewarding endeavor. Enjoy Vanellope’s company in your dream-filled world!