Disney Dreamlight Valley Book Hunt: Where to Find the Dreamlight Library and All Missing Books

If you’re currently working on the Book Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley and looking for the Dreamlight Library, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the necessary information to complete the quest and locate the Dreamlight Library.

Where to Find the Dreamlight Library in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Dreamlight Library, as it turns out, is situated within Merlin’s house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Within Merlin’s abode, you’ll discover a collection of bookcases where he loans out books to the valley’s residents. For the Book Hunt friendship quest with Belle, your objective is to locate four missing books and return them to Merlin’s Dreamlight Library.

Book Hunt Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete this stage of the quest, simply visit Merlin’s house, and you’ll make progress.

All Missing Book Locations in the Book Hunt Quest

To track down the missing books required for the Book Hunt quest, you’ll need to interact with four different villagers. Here are the locations where you can find the missing books:

  • Mirabel’s Book: Lost in the Plaza. You can typically find this book on the left side of the entrance to Scrooge McDuck’s store.
  • Remy’s Book: Lost at sea. Search for this book within a gold fishing spot, located off the end of the dock at Dazzle Beach.
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Book: Lost in a dig spot. Look for this book by digging in a sparkling dig spot, found to the left of the cave entrance on Dazzle Beach.
  • Goofy’s Book: Goofy will give you this book directly.

All Book Hunt Answers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After returning the books to Merlin, your next task is to meet Belle at the Dreamlight Library and assist her in organizing the books correctly. You’ll need to select the appropriate organizer sections for each book. Here are the answers for placing the books in their correct places:

  • Crafty Creatures: Belongs in “Wandless Arts and Crafts.”
  • Coin Pool Theory: Categorized under “Monetary Physics and Swim Strokes.”
  • Cursed Negotiations: Making Better Devious Deals: Fits in the section for “Magical Contract Law.”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Book Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley and found the Dreamlight Library within Merlin’s house. Now, you can enjoy the world of literature in the Dreamlight Library to your heart’s content. Happy reading!