A List of Disney Movies About College Life


Now and then, students should make some time to relax. Watching movies is one of the most interesting ways for that. They can enjoy a good laugh and forget about college tasks for a while. However, they should choose quality movies with strong messages about life and human relations. That’s where our list comes in. Here are the five less known Disney movies about high school and college life. Enjoy!

Read it and weep

This is a compelling movie about Jamie Bartlett. She is a teenage girl who writes a diary. She describes her life in high school using fictional characters instead of actual people. For an English assignment, she needed to write an essay of her choice. Accidentally, she sent her journal for printing and it won the writing contest. It was published as a book. She became popular, but also materialistic and shallow. She started to make fun of her true friends and stopped working in her father’s pizza place. But as always happens, the truth comes out and everybody finds out that this diary is based on true events and persons. Jamie realized what she had done and apologized. She even found a way to save her daddy’s pizzeria.

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High School Musical

This musical is a romantic story about Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. He is a basketball star and she is a mathematical genius. They met each other at the karaoke party during the Christmas holiday and fell in love. When they came back to campus, they wanted to take part in a musical. However, their jealous friend Sharpay wants to ruin their plans. They struggle to make it to the audition. At the same time, Troy tries to devote himself to his basketball team. Gabriella meets her obligations in academic decathlon. This film shows that true love always finds its way. Also, concoctions come out sooner or later.

High School Musical has two sequels. High School Musical 2 takes Troy, Gabriella and the crew in new adventures. The Wild Cats start to work at the country club. Troy meets Sharpay’s parents and realizes they could help him with a basketball scholarship. The rest of the crew starts to worry that Troy will forget his true friends spending time with wealthy people. Gabriella thinks that he will neglect her because of Sharpay. Troy has to find a way to get his scholarship but doesn’t lose his friends at the same time.

The second sequel of High School Musical follows the crew to graduation. Troy wants to attend the University of Albuquerque and Gabriella wants to go to California, to Stanford University. Every member of the team plans to go their separate way. This is the real problem students will face after graduation. This movie will help them realize the earnestness of the real world.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

This is an extremely interesting Disney cartoon. Max, Goofy’s son attends college with his friend P.J. Goofy faces loneliness for the first time in his life. Many parents have an empty nest experience when children go to college. However, Goofy joined Max in college because he needed a college degree to find a new job. Max introduced his dad to Sylvia, Marpole, a college librarian and they liked each other. Meanwhile, Max met Mr. Bradley Uppercrust III, a veteran skateboarder. He impressed Mr. Bradley with his skateboarding talent. However, Max didn’t want to participate with him in the college X Games because P.J. was not allowed to attend. Goofy accidentally became Max’s rival in this competition. It causes a quarrel between father and son. These two characters go through many challenges to realize what they mean to each other.

Monsters University

Monsters University is a prequel of Monsters, Inc. It tells the story of Michael Mike Wazowski and James P. Sully Sullivan, the son of the famous scarer. They attend the scaring program at Monster University. Mike tries to study and Sulley teases him thinking he has natural talent. Sully and Mike become rivals. On the day of an important exam, they destroyed Hardscrabble’s prized scream canister. Hardscrabble tested them both. Sully failed because of a lack of technical knowledge and Mike for not being physically scary. That’s where the real adventure begins. They went through many troubles to find out if they should cooperate. In the end, Sulley became a scarer with Mike as his scary assistant.

This movie reminds students of the power of good friendship and collaboration. But, most importantly, it is a story of lost dreams. It shows that sometimes their most desired dreams won’t come true, but that doesn’t mean their life will be less worthy.


This is an old Disney movie about the power of persistence and innovation. It shows students should foster their creativity and determine their priorities. Meet a professor Philip Brainard, of Medfield College, a mad scientist. He wants to develop a new energy source. This patent would raise enough money to save the college from closure. However, he neglects his fiancée Sara Jean and misses out on two dates of their wedding.

On the third wedding day, he finally creates sentient green goo with enormous amounts of elasticity and kinetic energy. His assistant, robot Weebo, classified it as a flying rubber and named it Flubber. After Sarah dumped him, he wanted to use his discovery to win her back. However, enemies try to spoil his plan of saving the college and getting back with Sarah. Yet, in the end, Sarah and Brainard fight the villains together and win.


These five movies reveal stories about true friendship and relations between parents and children. They talk about loyalty and love. They show that honesty and persistence are the most important human attributes. Students should understand the messages of these films and let them guide them through life.

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