From Common to Enchanted: A Breakdown of Disney Lorcana Card Rarities

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of card rarities in Disney Lorcana and help you distinguish them based on symbols and colors.

Types of Disney Lorcana Card Rarities

Disney Lorcana boasts six distinct levels of card rarity, each with its own unique characteristics. These rarities determine the likelihood of obtaining specific cards from booster packs and decks. Let’s delve into the six rarities found in Disney Lorcana:


  • Symbol: Grey circle
  • Availability: Common in booster packs
  • Number per Pack: Six common cards

Common cards serve as the game’s foundation, offering simplicity and accessibility. While they may have lower power, they’re essential for learning game mechanics and building your deck.


  • Symbol: White book
  • Availability: Less common in booster packs
  • Number per Pack: Three uncommon cards

Uncommon cards step up in complexity and power compared to common cards. They introduce archetypes and strategies that add depth to the game. Examples include Ariel, Moana, and Rapunzel.


  • Symbol: Bronze triangle
  • Availability: Rare in booster packs
  • Number per Pack: Two rare or better cards

Rare cards are even more potent and intricate, often featuring unique abilities and effects. They can significantly impact your gameplay strategy. Examples include Maleficent, Hades, and Genie.

Super Rare

  • Symbol: Silver diamond
  • Availability: Very rare in booster packs
  • Number per Pack: Two rare or better cards

Super rare cards are game-changers, with impressive artwork and special effects. They offer significant advantages and are highly sought after. Examples include Elsa, Tinker Bell, and Jack Skellington.


  • Symbol: Gold pentagon
  • Availability: Extremely rare in booster packs
  • Number per Pack: Two rare or better cards

Legendary cards are the pinnacle of power and complexity. They feature stunning artwork and effects, making them immensely valuable and desirable. Examples include Mulan, Buzz Lightyear, and Cruella de Vil.


  • Symbol: Rainbow hexagon
  • Availability: The rarest cards in the game
  • Number per Pack: One foil card of any rarity

Enchanted cards are special foil versions with unique artwork. They are exceptionally rare and collectible, though they function the same as their normal counterparts in gameplay. Currently, there are only 12 enchanted cards in the game, one for each character type.

Understanding the rarity of Disney Lorcana cards is crucial for assessing their value and strategic importance in the game. By referring to this guide, you can easily identify the rarity of your cards based on their symbols and colors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this knowledge will enhance your gameplay and collecting experience.