Disney Dreamlight Valley Critter Guide: How to Unlock & Feed Ravens

Disney Dreamlight Valley is teeming with critters, and Ravens are one of the intriguing species you can encounter. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of approaching and feeding Ravens, as well as revealing their favorite food items.

How to Unlock Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ravens are intriguing creatures, but they won’t appear in the early biomes of the game. To encounter Ravens, you must first unlock the Forgotten Lands, which will require 15,000 Dreamlight. You can access this area after progressing through the Sunlit Plateau.

How to Feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve reached the Forgotten Lands, you’ll encounter Ravens. To approach and feed them, you need to be patient. Ravens will eventually come to you and start circling around. This is the moment when you can offer them their favorite food.

Ravens’ Favorite Food

  • Location Found: Forgotten Lands
  • Favorite Food: Any 5-star Meal

Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley have a penchant for 5-star Meals. While it may be a bit costly to provide them with their favorite food, it’s the key to winning their favor. Whether you choose Bouillabaisse, Ranch Salad, or Ratatouille, the outcome remains the same.

Ravens come in various color variations, including Blue, Brown, Classic (Black), Red, and White. Regardless of their color, their preferred food remains consistent.


Feeding a Raven a 5-star Meal will reward you with a Motif Bag. This bag contains a random Motif, which can be used to customize clothing. If you’re an enthusiast of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s fashion scene, feeding Ravens is an excellent way to expand your Motif collection.

Now that you know how to unlock, approach, and feed Ravens their favorite food, you’re well-equipped to enjoy the company of these remarkable creatures in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Happy critter hunting!