A Comprehensive Guide to Completing the Fire Alarm Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers an enchanting experience filled with quests and magical adventures. One intriguing quest, the “Fire Alarm,” involves extinguishing green fires in the Forgotten Lands and beautifying the area.

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to complete the quest and unveil the hidden secrets within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Starting the “Fire Alarm” Quest

To initiate the “Fire Alarm” quest, players must have completed the “Miracles Take Time” and “Leftovers” quests, as well as reached Friendship Level Two with the Fairy Godmother. Locate the Fairy Godmother and engage in a conversation with her, during which she will discuss the situation and suggest a solution.

Crafting the Icy Enchantment

The Fairy Godmother reveals that the green fires can be extinguished using an enchantment applied to the player’s watering can. To create this enchantment, players need to gather the following materials:

  • Tourmaline x3:  Can be found in the Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau
  • Snowball x15: Can be obtained from Kristoff’s stall or by destroying ice chunks
  • Dream Shard x5: Can be obtained by digging in glittering areas or by removing Night Thorns
  • Purple Springwort x5: Grows in the Forgotten Land
  • Empty Vial x1: Can be crafted from glass made from sand at a workbench.

Once all the materials are acquired, players can create the Icy Enchantment at a crafting station and use it to upgrade their watering can.

Extinguishing the Green Fires

With the upgraded watering can, players can now douse the green fires in the Forgotten Lands. Although the quest specifies extinguishing five fire patches, players have the option to douse all of them. Each fire extinguished will reward players with Glass as a material. After extinguishing at least five fires, players should return to the Fairy Godmother to express their progress.

Beautifying the Forgotten Lands

Having successfully extinguished the fires, the Fairy Godmother expresses her gratitude and requests that players beautify the Forgotten Lands. . The following items need to be placed in the area:

  • Seating Furniture x3
  • Outdoor Lighting x4
  • Paths x25

These items can be crafted at a workbench and then placed using the construction menu.

Players have some flexibility in their design choices, and if they have collected a variety of items, they may already possess the necessary furniture. Once all the items are placed, players should return to the Fairy Godmother to proceed with the quest.

Wrapping Up the “Fire Alarm” Quest

At this stage, the Fairy Godmother will express her gratitude for the player’s creativity and hard work. Before concluding the quest, she will unveil a farming patch as a token of appreciation and inform players about the upcoming surprise for the village. With this, the “Fire Alarm” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is successfully completed.

By following this comprehensive guide, players can successfully complete the “Fire Alarm” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. From extinguishing the green fires with the Icy Enchantment to beautifying the Forgotten Lands, players will not only progress in the game but also contribute to the restoration of the enchanting world and earn valuable rewards along the way. Embark on this magical quest and experience the joy of helping the Fairy Godmother in Disney Dreamlight Valley.