Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – Uncovering the Forgotten Relic locations

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the time has come to embark on a quest to bring the valley back to its former glory. As you explore the village, you’ll stumble upon various relics that delve into the memories and stories of different characters. To aid you in your mission, we’re here to provide detailed information about the forgotten relic locations.

Read on to discover every hidden relic in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Locating the Forgotten Relics in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the quest, you must find the following four relics:

Drawing Relic

This relic is located on the floor of Scar’s Cave. Explore the cave to retrieve it. This relic quest won’t become available until your friendship with Scar reaches level 10.

Forgotten Storybook Relic

The relic can be found on the triangle table in Mickey’s house. Make sure you have a friendship level of 10 with Mickey to unlock this relic quest.

Blanket Relic

Head to the Frosted Heights secret chamber and search for the relic behind a stack of books in the corner of the room. You’ll need a friendship level of 10 with Elsa to access this relic quest.

Beach Toys Relic

Inside the cave where you first encountered Ursula, look to the left side of the room to find the relic. Ensure you have a friendship level of 10 with Moana to embark on this relic quest.

Completing the Forgotten Relic Quests

Once you’ve collected all four relics, additional mini-quests will unlock with Scar, Ursula, and Olaf. Through these quests, you’ll uncover the fascinating histories behind each relic.

Moving forward with Merlin’s Special Quest

Once you have acquired all four relics, return to Merlin to commence the next stage of the main story quests, where you will venture into the Dark Castle. Brace yourself for an exciting turn of events in Disney Dreamlight Valley.