Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to complete the Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a beloved cozy game, continues to captivate players with its enchanting world and intriguing quests. Among these quests, one stands out for its complexity and hidden mysteries—Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place.

If you’re ready to take on this challenging puzzle and unravel its secrets, read on to discover how to complete this quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Before embarking on the Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place quest, you must first complete the entire “The Dark Castle” questline. This main questline serves as a culmination of your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Collect the Orb of Unity

Next, your task is to locate the Orb of Unity, a crucial item in your journey. This item can be found within the Dark Castle as you progress through “The Dark Castle” and “The Remembered” quests. Once you enter the Plaza portal to the castle, keep an eye out for a sparkling square next to the first door. Enter this spot, and you will find the Orb of Unity on the floor near a patch of ice.

With the Orb of Unity in your possession, make your way to Skull Rock in Dazzle Beach. Find the island’s pillar and place the orb in it. As you do so, a series of runes will materialize around the pillar, and the purple fog surrounding it will dissipate, signaling the start of the “Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place” quest.

Arrange the Pillars and Orbs

The runes you encountered correspond to various orbs scattered throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is crucial to place them in the correct order to progress in the quest.

Starting from the north rune under Moana’s raft and moving clockwise, arrange the pillars and orbs in the following order:

  1. Peaceful Meadow Pillar
  2. Glade of Trust Pillar
  3. Sunlit Plateau Pillar
  4. Forgotten Realms Pillar
  5. Frosted Heights Pillar
  6. Forest of Valor Pillar
  7. Dazzle Beach Pillar

As you correctly position each pillar, the ground will tremble, indicating the completion of the puzzle element within the quest.

Consult Merlin

Once you’ve successfully arranged the pillars, seek out Merlin and recount what you have observed. Despite his initial confusion, he promises to research the matter further and share any new findings with you. At this point, the quest will be considered complete.

While the true nature of the quest’s outcome remains shrouded in mystery, it is possible that it will unfold over time or provide a glimpse into future quests in upcoming updates. So, continue your exploration of the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, for there are bound to be more thrilling adventures and quests awaiting you in this enchanting realm.