Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide – How to get the Rainbow Fox Companion

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock the marvelous Rainbow Fox companion? Follow these steps to bring this magical creature to life!

Finding the Rainbow Potion

To begin your journey towards obtaining the Rainbow Fox companion, you must first acquire the Rainbow Potion. This requires the collection of six colored potatoes, each corresponding to a specific potion. These potions are as follows:

  • Brilliant Blue Potion (Blue Potato)
  • Crystalline Green Potion (Green Potato)
  • Electrifying Orange Potion (Orange Potato)
  • Gleaming Gold Potion (Golden Potato)
  • Raging Red Potion (Red Potato)
  • Royal Purple Potion (Purple Potato)

Once you have gathered all six potions, combine them at a crafting station to create the coveted Rainbow Potion.

Locating the Stone Fox Statue in the Dark Castle

Having obtained the Rainbow Potion, progress through the Forgotten Relics quest line until you reach the Dark Castle. As you enter this mysterious realm, explore the main floor and locate the stone fox statue.

To find the statue, move towards the right side, clearing the path of Night Thorns obstructing your way. Upon reaching the corner of the bottom floor, you’ll discover the stone fox statue amidst various items, including a wardrobe, fireplace, and bed.

Awakening the Rainbow Fox companion

Approach the stone fox statue and interact with it to unveil an interactable button labeled “???”. Engage with the statue and offer it the Rainbow Potion, the only item capable of awakening the Rainbow Fox companion. Witness the magical transformation as the Rainbow Fox springs to life!

Congratulations! You have successfully acquired the mesmerizing Rainbow Fox companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This captivating creature will accompany you on your quests, bringing an animated rainbow effect that enchants the world around you. Remember to equip the Rainbow Fox from the “Companions” section in your Wardrobe and savor the magic it adds to your gameplay.