Disney Speedstorm Guide – How to perform an aerial stunt easily

Disney Speedstorm aerial stunt

Below, we’ll show you how to perform an aerial stunt, which is required for both the daily and weekly missions in Disney Speedstorm.

Disney Speedstorm Guide – How to perform an aerial stunt easily

To finish this challenge, you need to find a stage with a lot of ramps so you can get the most tries in one match. I’d suggest either the Pirate Bay or Zeus’s Circuit, as these maps will give you a lot of chances to pull off the trick.

Keep your speed up on the ramp, and once you’ve jumped off it and are in the air, move the right analog stick up to pull off the trick. The animations your character performs while airborne are determined by how high you jump. When you land, you’ll also benefit from a slight increase in velocity.

Aerial stunts can be used as a dash attack if you land on an opponent while in the air, making them especially useful when attempting to go off a ramp at the same time as other players.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to perform an ariel stunt in Disney Speedstorm. As you can see, aerial stunts don’t require much explanation and can come in handy for completing tasks quickly.

About Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play racing game developed and published by Gameloft Barcelona. It features various Disney and Pixar characters racing vehicles on tracks themed after their films’ and franchises’ worlds.On 18 April 2023, the game was released as a paid early access title for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.