Development of a New Star Wars The Mandalorian Spinoff Series Reportedly Underway

New Star Wars The Mandalorian Spinoff

Lucasfilm and Disney are on a roll with a variety of Star Wars-related projects for the latter’s streaming platform. Projects that are officially in the works are Lando, Skeleton Crew, The Acolyte, and a second season of Andor. To top it off, the Star Wars The Mandalorian franchise is set to grow even bigger this year with the release of the third season of the show and its spinoff series, Ahsoka. But it looks like there’s more in store for the world of the Mandalorian. Entertainment insider Daniel Richtman has reportedly revealed that a new Star Wars The Mandalorian spinoff series is in development, which will be connected to the “MandoVerse.” This rumored spin-off series could potentially tie in with Ahsoka as part of the expanding Mandalorian franchise.

This new project is reportedly being referred to by the code name Ghost Track 17, a potential reference to the iconic spaceship The Ghost, from the animated show Rebels. The show introduced several characters created by Dave Filoni, who is also involved in The Mandalorian series.

Obviously, things are kept under a tight lid as far as this new series is concerned and there are no details or hints from Disney or Lucasfilms either.

The closes that we can consider as a clue is during the Star Wars Celebration 2022 event in Anaheim, California when Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni hinted at the possibility of a crossover event involving all of the Disney+ series that they have created. If this is the case, then perhaps we can hear more news about these crossover projects (which may include Ghost Track 17) when Disney launches this year’s Star Wars Celebration London this April.

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