“Disney on Ice” New Zealand Tour will have “Moana” Segment Performed in Maori Language

The Disney on Ice shows by Feld Entertainment (via Ice Follies and Holidays on Ice, Inc.) and Disney have been entertaining audiences around the world for close to 40 years now. What’s great about the productions is that they’re renewed annually, so repeat attendees are sure to see something new when they get to see it regularly, year to year.

This year’s Disney on Ice presentation, “Dare to Dream,” features new ice-choreographed interpretations particularly of 2016’s animated film “Moana.” What’s more amazing perhaps is, as the tour goes worldwide and performs in New Zealand, they’re planning to do the “Moana” segment in the Maori language.

New Zealand is the primary home of the Maori, a Polynesian people who also contribute in the islander depiction seen in Disney’s “Moana.” In fact, the film even got an official version dubbed in te reo Maori, with Maori New Zealander actress Rachel House reprising her role as Moana’s Gramma Tala from the original English.

Nicole Field, producer of Disney on Ice “Dare to Dream,” said the decision to use the Maori language for the “Moana” segment in the country is a salute to the movie’s cultural significance in the Pacific island nations, and to the people of New Zealand who flocked to watch “Moana” during its premiere in 2016.

The show will be held in three cities during its New Zealand stop. The “Moana” in te reo Maori will be done in one performance of the whole “Dare to Dream” production for every city it’s in. Tickets for the show will go for as low as NZ$33 starting April 1, not an April Fools.

Anyway, here are the stops of the Disney on Ice 2019 tour in that country.

  1. Auckland – August 2-4, Spark Arena
  2. Hamilton – August 8-11, Claudelands Arena
  3. Christchurch – August 17-18, Horncastle Arena

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