Episode List for “Marvel Rising: Ultimate Comics” Videos on YouTube’s Marvel HQ

Last year, Marvel Animation launched a media franchise to introduce young viewers to their stable of young superheroes. “Marvel Rising” would see the creation of tie-in Marvel Comics series, animated shorts, specials, and the “Secret Warriors” TV movie that aired in Disney Channel and XD.

Regarding the “Marvel Rising” animated shorts, following the “Initiation” miniseries that introduced the Marvel characters in the lead-up to “Secret Warriors,” Marvel Animation released a new series on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel. These videos are called “Ultimate Comics,” each showcasing team-up adventures between established Marvel heroes and the young members of the Secret Warriors.

The “Marvel Rising: Ultimate Comics” short series are like a contemporary take on the 1966 “Marvel Super Heroes” cartoons produced by Gantry-Lawrence Animation. Take the limited animation frames that make scenes reminiscent of a comic-book scene then add special effects and you get Ultimate Comics.

Here’s a list of all videos on the videos that have been released thus far:

  1. Ms. Marvel Faces Off Against Loki (February 20) – Ms. Marvel and Thor vs. Loki
  2. Patriot Trains with Hawkeye! (February 27) – Patriot, Hawkeye and Blur vs. The Wrecking Crew
  3. Squirrel Girl Teams Up with Doctor Strange! (March 6) – Squirrel Girl and Doctor Strange vs. Ulth-Lah-Throth
  4. Cap and America Chavez! (March 13) – Ms. America Chavez and Captain America vs. Attuma
  5. Hulk and Inferno Confront Monstrosity! (March 20) – Inferno and Hulk vs. Abomination
  6. Quake and Iron Man Team Up! (March 27) – Quake and Iron Man vs. Taskmaster

There’s likely only Gwen Stacy/Ghost Spider’s team-up left for next week. We’ll find out soon enough.

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